Demon’s Souls Joins Greatest Hits Line

Atlus has just announced that Demon’s Souls, the notoriously hard PlayStation 3 title, will be joining the Greatest Hits line. The RPG, with a unique online element, hit the console last year.  Being a Greatest Hits title, the price will drop to $29.99 across the board. Likely, current copies will just have a GH sticker slapped on the package, but copies shipping soon should be in the red case with appropriate artwork.

Did you give Demon’s Souls a chance? Can you pronounce the title without having to pause between each word? I picked up the title as part of a sale, but I’ve yet to open it. Given that the online component was scheduled to shut down at some point next year, I’ve had it on my “list to complete in 2010”. The fact that it’s hailed for it’s challenging nature is more of a plus than a minus in my mind.

Now that it’s cheaper, are you going to pick it up?

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