Frank West Covers More Zombie Outbreaks, Ya Know

Ah, Frank West. The star of the original Dead Rising and Chop ‘Til You Drop has covered wars, you know? He even represented the franchise in Tatsunoko VS. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. He’s unintentionally silly, taking pictures at inopportune times and running around in a Servbot head and boxers, if you so desire. Still, when Dead Rising 2 was announce, Frank was missing.

Capcom promised us that we’d get to see what Frank’s up to. Capsule Computers covered TGS today, with Capcom showing us that Dead Rising 2 CASE: WEST will reveal that. While CASE: ZERO was the prologue to the upcoming sequel, CASE: WEST will be the epilogue, having new star Chuck Greene need to clear his name from the events of the game. Who better to clear names than a certain photojournalist who has also survived the zombie apocalypse?

CASE: WEST appears to be another downloadable title, exclusive to the Xbox 360.

Given how great CASE: ZERO was, and building anticipation for Dead Rising 2 as a whole, I can’t wait to see what Frank’s up to. Maybe, one day, I’ll go back and beat Dead Rising.

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