Japan Announces Kinect Support

The Tokyo Game Show is in full swing in Japan at the moment, with a few high-profile titles (DmC and Asura’s Wrath,amongst others)  already announced. Xbox’s Major Nelson is at the convention, and has covered the new Kinect games from Japanese studios.

  • codename D: From SUDA 51, you must fight to survive an evil amusement park.
  • Project Draco: From the people who made Panzer Dragoon, this is a dragon shooter.
  • Haunt: Explore a haunted house.
  • Steel Battalion Heavy Armor: It’s Steel Battalion for 2011.
  • Rise Of Nightmares: SEGA gives us a horror adventure.

My preorder of the Kinect device has just been justified. codename D and Steel Battalion Heavy Armor are automatic purchases, and Project Draco will definitely get a look. I’m kinda surprised at the mass “horror/evil” vibe, but it’s more how the game plays.

… and if Steel Battalion works out any like G-Gundam‘s Mobile Trace System, I’m all set.

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