Rock Band 3’s Expert Pro Guitars

I don’t know about you, but I love Rock Band. I’ve been playing rhythm games since I was but a wee lad, but Guitar Hero really brought the genre to my attention. However, the franchise petered out (Rock the 80s? Ugh…), but then Rock Band came around and revitalized the music-oriented genre of games for me once more.

I’ll admit, though, enthusiasm has tapered off a bit in the recent years. Call it oversaturation, apathy, or a combination of both (I mean, how could you not feel at least one of those considering Guitar Hero: Van Halen, Band Hero, Lego Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour, etc.), but Rock Band 3 managed to pique my interest with its Expert Pro mode, which looks like a complete and total ass-kicker.

Technology blog Engadget had two staff writers talk about the new mode on guitar with Ross Miller, a guitarist of 12 years, and Sean Hollister, a Guitar Hero-er of considerably less years. Both talk about the Mad Catz Fender Mustang Pro controller, a 102 button peripheral that is basically a spiced up version of previous Rock Band guitars. From what I can gleam of Miller and Hollister’s takes on the thing, it’s very underwhelming. It plays much like how you would expect a Mad Catz product to perform, i.e. adequate but not exceptional. Reading this much alone has removed any possibly in buying this if/when I pick up a copy of Rock Band 3.

The more interesting part is Miller’s section, which goes particularly in-depth with the Expert Pro mode and the real Fender Stratocaster guitar. For those that are unaware, Fender is producing a guitar which doubles as a controller for Rock Band 3 so you don’t have to go with the Mad Catz all-plastic alternative, which, based on the video in the article (taken from the August 30th Engadget Show), and a few other articles on Rock Band 3’s Expert Pro guitar mode and training elements, just might turn all of us into real guitarists.

Go ahead and read on for more on how the mode works. Though I may only have a moderate amount of guitar playing knowledge, my curiosity (and possibly 15 years worth of musicianship) found what they had to say very intriguing.

Source from Engadget.

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