Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector To Inspect Crunchyroll

Who here likes giant robots? That should be a resounding yes. Super Robot Wars is a legendary series of Japan, where everyone from Gunbuster and Gundam Wing teaming up with Tekkaman and The Big O in a giant robot strategy RPG. Problem is, all these anime companies in Japan can be easily coerced into working in one game. With America, though, all the game licenses are split up over multiple companies, causing trouble for the games to be released in America. Tatsunoko VS. Capcom ran into similar problems, but managed to lose only one character in the transition. Additionally, the fact that many of these mecha haven’t shown up in America, and the game kinda loses it’s charm.

Still, Atlus has plugged on. A spinoff series, Super Robot Wars: Original Generation, features completely new mecha and characters. This was much easier to bring to America, so three of it’s title have come. A new animated series, Super Robot Wars: OG The Inspector, will begin airing soon in Japan. This is not the first Super Robot Wars animated series to be released in Japan.

Crunchyroll has announced via press release (hosted by ANN) that they will be simulcasting the series. Subtitled, the series starts on October 3rd.

Me? The mecha show I’m looking forward to the most at the moment is Sym-Bionic Titan… and that’s on Cartoon Network.

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