The Devil May Cry Again In DmC

Devil May Cry has been an interesting franchise. Four titles in the main line, starting with an aborted take on Resident Evil. An animated series rose out of Japan. It effectively started the hyper-action genre that games like God Of War and Dante’s Inferno continue to this day. So, naturally, Capcom would like to continue the success with Devil May Cry 5, right?

Or they could just wipe the slate clean.

Rebooting the franchise apparently, DmC, covered by Capsule Computers this morning at TGS, is the next iteration in the franchise. Developer Ninja Theory out of Britain has taken control, throwing a younger, dark-haired Dante into battle. While he seems to have the same moves as the other Dante, this hero appears to be undergoing, shall we say, a harsh psychiatric examination.

I own all four Devil May Cry titles, but I’ve never beaten any of them. The only thing DMC I’ve finished was the animated series. Still, I love the gameplay.

What do you think about this new take on Dante?

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  • Jesse

    I was SO excited to see a new trailer for a fifth DMC. After finding out in the end that its an even YOUNGER Dante (assuming) than the one from DMC 3, I am disappointed. But his moves and his weapon look SO bad ass! I will still play it because I love the franchise. I’m just disappointed that developers keep rebooting everything. Come up with some new material. Don’t fall back on the idea that everything can be rebooted.

  • saif

    man is dis game gonna be released for pc?

  • I Liked Dante’s new Look its cool donno why ppl dont like it………hope it comes 4 PC..!!!