The Haunted Hacks

Gamers get the jump on and before October rolls around. We get better scares in our games than most theaters in their strongest of weekend box offices. From the grotesque, to the pop-up scares, and simply just being attacked from some random creature while scavenging for ammo – we get the best of the best.

Thankfully, it doesn’t stop with just big studio, big budget releases. If you’re willing, and look deep enough, you can find some very chilling games on the internet and downloadables from the eeriest sites. The kind of things that you only happen to come across message boards in the dead of night. Which is the kind of spot I found myself in when reading about several video game hacks that have turned a couple of normally child friendly games into things of terror. And the creepypasta’s that goes along with some of them only adds to the suspense.

The first, is one that I’ve heard of for several months now, but it recently got a good look by the gaming community as Multiple:Option used a homebrew mod on Pokemon Fire Red to create a whole new game based out of Pokemon’s Lavender Town, known for its ghost sightings, and the large Pokemon Tower filled with grave markings of Pokemon who have past away as it is  game for children where all the monsters only “faint”.   Now take the idea of that town, and turn it upside down times ten.

This mod started as a scary rumor, and has become a creepy hack, and a haunting story. Here is a link to a Youtube video of the full hack – Pokemon Ghost Black ReTold.

Now for me this is extremely terrifying, I played Pokemon Red and Blue until my turquoise Game Boy Color’s buttons became loose and stock piling batteries and flashlights for night gaming was as normal as the sky is blue. Reading the story that goes along with the game as does watching  than hearing the slowed down music, only amps up the suspense. Kudos to Multiple:Option, I appreciate your work.

Have you reader, ever come across any frightening video game hacks? Or have heard word of mouth of this Ghost Pokemon game? What do you think the next level gamers and hackers will take their creativity?

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  • Darkrai

    Freaky! In my Pokemon Diamond game, on October 31st at midnight exactly! a ghost will appear, it’s a butler, he will talk to you and curse you! I don’t know what happens after that because right at that moment, my fricking game choose to freeze!