Character vs. Character / Special Halo Edition: The Great Battle

As humanity keeps evolving, its fate seems destined to end up in the same way. It will always be a time in our kind’s future, where we leave our homeland in order to stop over-population, and start colonizing the rest of the galaxy. This imaginary condition has created a fair amount of representations of what awaits to the child of our child. Despite the ultimately improbability of us being able to enjoy such a drastic change in humankind’s way of life, it becomes naturally fascinating to wonder how the epic battles will be fought in 4 or 5 centuries. In celebration of Halo: Reach recent release, I proudly present an epic Character vs. Character iteration: The Great Battle.

The Battle.

Planet Reach is down. Captain Keyes has initiated the Cole Protocol and has ordered his tripulation to awaken Petty Officer John-117, also known as Master Chief.

From the cockpit of the Pillar of Autumn, a Halo ring was clearly visible, but not as visible as an enormous ship, with the name of “New Sun”; dangerously approaching towards the UNSC’s ship.

The two ships engaged in furious space combat, damaging each other quite badly, and having heavy casualties on both sides. A small pod from the New Sun was deployed and quickly landed on the Pillar of Autumn. Not before long, a bunch of soldiers got out of the pod and infiltrated the enemy ship.

These soldiers were incredibly skilled, as they managed to kill a good portion of the UNSC’s troopers.

Sev: Rico, these are not Helghan…

Rico: You heard Templar… this people must be traitors…

Suddenly, a tobacco-smoking black guy aboard a Warthog and a bunch of troopers appeared.

Srg. Johnson: This is the end of the road you Coven… wait, you’re humans?

Rico: Shut the hell up, traitor!

Both groups engaged in combat. ISA’s Alpha Team were having a tough time, as Johnson’s men were very skilled and disciplined, and it seems they were putting Rico’s men down for good.

However, a big tremor was felt on the Pillar of Autumm, and digging sounds began to take place. Suddenly, the troops were being cornered and attacked by a group of alien fighters, which had seemingly more advanced weaponry. The invaders had gooey creatures with a nucleous that were sucking the soldier’s energy, and were really tough to kill.

Both ISA’s and UNSC’s forces were being heavily decimated.

Rico: Who are these guys?

Srg. Johnson: No idea but we gotta do something… and we gotta do it quick…

In other section of the Pillar of Autumm, Master Chief had finally awakened and synchronized with Cortana.

Cortana: We have multiple targets on board, Chief. I don’t really get it, there were two human groups fighting each other. And now there’s a third faction of alien combatants, accompanied by some viral creatures. It doesn’t make any sense.

Master Chief: Sounds good. Where’s my rifle?

It was at that moment when a second tremor was felt. It seemed another ship had landed on the Pillar of Autumm.

Master Chief: Should we help Johnson?… or should we go and take a look at the new intruder?…

Back at were the Johnson and Rico’s troops were fighting, the battle was still very fierce, with the aliens advancing rapidly, and the humans trying to contain the invasion. Johnson saw a Liquid Nitrogen tank and devised a possible way to stop the invaders. He told the ISA guys to attract all the attention while he climbed up where the tank was to release its contents. Garza and Sev took the lead and quickly got out of cover, shooting everything they got at the aliens. Naturally, the fire was returned, and when the aliens were distracted, Johnson threw the Nitrogen tank at them. The chemical froze the gooey things, making them easy to kill. However, the other life forms were not affected and were now very angry.

Meanwhile, Master Chief was trying to find out who or what was seizing the ship. He effectively found an orange and small ship attached to the Pillar of Autumn, but it was empty.

Just as ISA’s and UNSC forces were about to give everything they got to the aliens, a bunch of weird balls of energy were fired at them. Then, a strange ball appeared rolling on the floor, approaching the aliens. It released some small bombs that were relatively effective against the aliens. Not before long, the invaders were temporarily gone, and the ball stopped rolling around and became an armored orange-colored soldier.

Srg. Johnson: Who the hell are ya?… Another surviving Spartan?

A moment of tense silence followed.

Samus: My name is Samus Aran. Your ship is being seized by the Space Pirates, in addition to a good ammount of Metroids.

Rico: What?!  Spartans… Metroids… What are you people?…

Samus: No time to explain. There are still a lot of Pirates around.

Rico: No!! You people are coming with us! You gotta answer a couple of questions…

Garza: Rico, don’t be stupid, there are no Helghan forces here…

Samus: You don’t get it. I need to go, and so do you…

Rico: You’re not going anywhere! -Rico pointed his gun at her.

Srg. Johnson: You heard the lady. She is leaving and you’re gonna be a good boy… – Johnson pointed his gun at Rico.

The rest of ISA’s Alpha Team pointed their guns at both Samus and Srg. Johnson. However, as more Space Pirates armed with laser beams and Metroids appeared, the group had to focus their attention in another direction.

This fight was even tougher, with the Space Pirates using even more advanced weaponry, and the Metroids flying everywhere trying to attach to a victim. Samus was carefully targeting the Metroids with her Ice Beam, so Johnson could finish them off with a single bullet, while Alpha Team were, as usual, destroying everything in their path, so they could ask questions later.

As the heat of battle grew even more intense, the concentration of the group decreased significantly, so they could not see , nor perceive, a Pirate sniper far in the distance. The sniper was aiming at Samus when he finally made his shot. It was not a regular shot, however, as it was filled with some kind of powerful glue that immediately immobilized Samus.

Without the aid of the bounty hunter, Johnson’s and Rico’s troopers started going down, one after the other; victims of the incredibly strong Metroids. Samus kept watching within her imprisonment. Hopeless, she witnessed how Garza died a gruesome death, as a couple of Metroid sucked all his vital life. In anger, she started powering up her Power Beam, in hopes of getting free as a consequence of the blast.

The fight went on, and the Space Pirates were clearly getting their victory.

But Samus fired her overly charged Power Beam.

The blast was huge. So huge it killed everyone in the surroundings, and left Samus badly injured. A huge cloud of smoke rised from the blast zone, and far in the horizon, the shadow of a man could be seen. Samus was pretty agitated but she knew she needed to be alert to anything.

The smoke finally dissipated, and the figure of a big man in a green armor became evident. The Spartan took a look around, and saw countless corpses, including that of his friend Srg. Johnson. Master Chief was enraged and assumed the only one standing, Samus, was entirely responsible of the onslaught.

Without further ado, the Spartan dashed towards the bounty hunter, who was pretty much defenseless against the Chief’s might. The hit sent the hunter flying a couple of yards away, and once she touched ground, Master Chief threw a grenade at her. The explosion severely damaged Samus’s suit, but she still tried to stand up and keep on fighting. However, the Chief was not letting her do a proper counter-attack, so before she could stand completely, he kicked her in her stomach repeatedly. Samus fell down, and remained on the floor.

Master Chief aimed his handgun at her head, and was firmly going to pull the trigger.

Cortana: Don’t do it John! She’s as good as dead. Shooting her further will not make any difference.

The Spartan obliged, and walked away. However, he heard sounds and quickly turned back, only to see Samus was not there anymore.

Master Chief: What the…

The Chief looked and looked around, and when he was most unaware, an orange ball was surrounding him at high speed. The Morph Ball started throwing little bombs at Master Chief, and all of them, thanks to centrifugal forces created by the ball, ended up at the Spartan’s feet. The chief looked at them, hopelessly, as they exploded, leaving him seriously injured.

Samus got out of Morph Ball mode, stood up and slowly aimed her Power Beam to the Chief. However, both combatants were badly hurt, so they ended up on their knees.

Sounds of agitated breath could still be heard. A tense silence overwhelmed the scene.

Suddenly Samus raised and rapidly charged her Ice Beam. An exhausted Master Chief knew this would happen and quietly let his last frag grenade roll in the ground, coincidentially running towards Samus.

As the bounty hunter released the powerful shot, the frag grenade exploded on her feet, destroying them. The Ice Beam froze an already defeated Spartan.

The ice block Master Chief became, will quietly remain in front of the mutilated body of the once beautiful Bounty Hunter.

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