Halo: Reach Brings in a Hefty $200 Million in One Day

Over on G4TV‘s coverage of the Tokyo Game Show, a keynote from Microsoft Game Studios delivered some amazing news from the recently released Halo: Reach game.

Microsoft Game Studios vice-president Phil Spencer asked the crowd at his Tokyo Game Show keynote today to forgive him while he, well, gloated a little bit. According to Spencer, Halo: Reach had generated $200 million in sales after just one day on store shelves. The game also surpassed Halo 3’s record for most simultaneous Xbox Live users online at one time.

I suppose that I should be surprised that in one day a single game generated so much money.  But then again, this is a Halo game and a serious force driving sales of Microsoft’s original XBox and XBox 360 consoles.  I was one of the gamers eagerly awaiting this final installment in the Halo series by Bungie Studios.  Halo has always had a special place in my gaming world as it was the reason that I bought my first XBox console and started on the road to becoming a gamer.  Halo 2 cemented that status by allowing me to play with and against others in its matchmaking system.  I cannot put a number on the amount of time that I spent playing Halo 2 other then to say that I played almost nightly for 2-3 hours from release day until Halo 3 came out.

If you have not yet gotten a copy of Reach, what are you waiting for?  The game is just all kinds of amazing wrapped up in a pretty little green box.  It seems that complaints that I had about Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST have been remedied in Reach and I have been enjoying every moment I’ve immersed myself in the game world so far.  You can read all kinds of other Halo goodness from other writers here at Platform Nation.

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