Interview With Matero Rojas From Immersion

I was lucky enough to get an interview with Matero Rojas  of Immersion they have a hand in the upcoming Lucha Libre game. I wanted to get his take on what made the game different and unique to the wrestling genre. He gave me some great insights on what to expect from this great title. As always stay tuned to Platform Nation for more updates as they become available.

Q1. Being new to the wrestling franchise what will you bring that will make you stand out to new fans while still making a name with the Smack Down vs. Raw Fans?

As i ‘ m sure you have heard before we are not working on a wrestling game based. We are working on Lucha Libre, which is the free fighting game. On that basis, we have included a good amount of elements that we think could set the title apart from the actual wrestling titles like WWE. First of all, the cultural foundation is very different, and we tried to include it in the game through different scenarios, sounds, and the personality of the characters. The game has a unique flavor unlike anything seen before in video games. Another important element is that we did not tried to portray only the Luchadores beating each other in the ring, but also to develop a gameplay system that includes all the elements found inside and outside the ring; especially the crowd. The crowd can determine the fate of “luchadores” in the ring. Also, the speed of the match and the fighting, the aerial nature of the moves and techniques and the variety of the characters and their fighting styles help distinguish this game from other fighting titles including WWE.

Q2. What will you bring to the ring that other games have not yet been able to produce?

There are various elements, like the mask editor, which gives players the possibility to create famous Mexican luchador masks or brand new and completely unique masks for their characters. Game Modes like the mask vs. hair match which is an online battle mode that allows fans to wager their created mask in an online battle. Winner rips the loser’s mask off at the end. Loser has to win three additional matches in order to get the chance to create a new mask. Also, I think one of the attractive elements of the game is that we did not only develops new things for it, but also revitalized some elements from renown and remembered and added some arcade elements to it.

Q3. Can we expect explosive moves with some high flying action just like a real life wrestler match?

Yes, as mentioned before, we added speed and agility to the game elements so that the game actually resembles real life Lucha Libre. We also included the aerial aspects of Mexican Lucha Libre. You can expect a lot of variety in the roster. More than 30 wrestlers plus the ability to create as many luchadores as you like is a very distinctive element. The luchadores even have different styles players must master.

Q4. Is there any plans to make a created wrestler then carry him through to a title?

Yes, along with the fore mentioned mask editor, we have created a luchador editor that is very robust. You can create thousands and thousands of different luchadores. Obviously, we had to include some game modes in which the player could fully enjoy the potential of his own created star.

Q5. How would you explain your game to someone just getting their hands on it for the first time?

In the development process, we were concerned about creating free fighting games  that would be both familiar and distinctive to fans of wrestling and fighting games. At the same time, we want to create a game that was easy to pick-up and play for a beginner but also grew more difficult as players advance.  I think the game will be pretty self-explanatory, easy to learn, and hopefully, as easy to enjoy while providing fans of the genre with enough bells and whistles to keep them playing.

Q6. Who are some of the well-known stars coming to your game that fans may recognize?

The Parka, psycho, Jack Evans, the Messiah, Dr. Wagner Jr., the Canadian vampire (known simply as the vampire), and Marco Corleone, to mention just a few of the stars you will find in the game.

Q7. If you could only talk about one feature of the game what would it be?

If you give me the chance, I would go for two of them: I would mention either for the mask editor, which I think is one feature never before seen in this type of game (believe me, you have seen masks, but you haven´t been able to create one, and later make it a part of the gameplay), or the variety in the character roster, that really encourages players to create different strategies according to the character they have chosen.

Q8. Any plans to continue on with other titles if this one goes over well?

We look forward to making this into a franchise, similar to a WWE. We created a really fun game. We hope your readers enjoy.  Our franchise will depend on the success of the first game and it is strongly linked to how the players receive the game.

Q9. What type of game play and matches will we get to see?

For the game modes, what we created an editor for matches. We wanted players to feel in control, set the rules, the style of play. They can create the match they want to play. They can set a number of match rules for players to combine. In tournament mode they can play up to eight players. There is also the Mask vs. Hair type of matches.

Q10. Is there to demo planned for release?

Not at this time.

Q11. Can we expect to see new additions in the form of DLC such as rings, match types and even wrestlers?

Yes, we have plans that include some DLCs.  But, we cannot go into that just yet.

Q12. What is Lucha Libre wrestling?

Mexican Lucha Libre is a huge universe. It has been evolving for over a century as a cultural icon. Though there are many significant differences, I think the main one between American wrestling and Lucha Libre is that the spectacle of the fight. The fight inside the ring is based on the human factor. American wrestling, as I see it, usually revolves around the raw force or power that wrestling both the wrestlers and the show itself can demonstrate. In the case of the wrestlers, it´s all about powerful and slow moves that show to the crowd who is the toughest guy – the moves are slow. The wrestlers are mainly focusing on showing their strength, and not their agility. The show is about how powerful the lights, music and fireworks can be. There is nothing wrong with that. Lucha Libre also has that, but we offer a lot more. In Lucha Libre, to the contrary, luchadores are constantly trying to be innovative inside the ring. They too try to show who is the toughest, but luchadores also try to show variety. Fight free you have a lot of different styles. Not only do they display strength, but they fly around the ring. It is very aerial. They take advantage of their own unique skills (kind of like Superman!). They also feed off the crowd. Without support, you cannot win crowd in. Lucha Libre does not rely so much on the lights, music and fireworks show (although this elements are also part of the struggles), but on the noise from the crowd. Luchadores feed on crowd response. You see, in the fights, the most important thing is the people who go to see the spectacle, who favor their favorite wrestlers and create banners to support them. You have to win the respect and admiration of the crowd before you can win. We have implemented the crowd factor into our game as well.

Q13. Final thoughts you would like to share with our readers. Anything you would like to add that I did not cover in the questions?

We´ve worked hard to make a fun game. It is unlike any of the competitors. We really hope that players will enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed developing

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