My One and Half Cents: Halo Reach

Well ladies and gentlemen, I think that its time for me to give my thoughts about the game and how it thrives at times and stumbles at other times.

Game Play: This isn’t something that’s revolutionary or anything. Don’t get my wrong the game play is great by itself, but its just not something that blows everything in history away. Its something that just screams out…Let me own some n00bs while not being to serious, its like having the fun of unreal tournament with a highly advanced Halo theme, mixed with a little team fortress.

Serious Factor: Really, unless your crazy competitive (like 95% of everyone always is) this isn’t really an issue like MW2. I can say one thing about this, this game is really a skill builder if you haven’t played a FPS for quite a long time.

Fun Factor: This is just purely a damned good time. Getting blown apart is much more fun in a suit if you ask me. I just love getting back into and running for my revenge kill. The maps are very expansive, so there are so many corners and places to do a surprise attack

The graphics and speed speak for themselves but what about you guys (and gals). How do you think the game plays? Is it like the games of old, or has it cracked or broken the mold of this generation of games.

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