Review: Gravitron 360 (XBLA)

gravitron360Let’s start off with this review by doing something right now. Take your wallet out. Place a dollar on your keyboard, and listen up.

Now, what can you do with that dollar? Buy a soda? A candy bar? Maybe two rounds of Galaga? Well let me tell ya, there’s another great indie title on XBLA. And that buck is all you need to get it.

If you are a big fan of retro games, then get Gravitron 360. Think of this mixture: One Part Gravitar, one part Lunar Lander, a shot of vector graphics in HD, a squeeze of Defender, and a dash of Metroid. That’s what makes Gravitron 360.

Gravitron 360 first started out as a freeware title on PC simply named Gravitron. After a little bit of tweaking and such, Gravitron 2 was made. However, Gravitron 2 was put up on Steam in 2008.

Now fast forward to present day. We have Gravitron 360. This version is an exact port with all the bonuses and fixings like the PC counterpart.

Game play on Gravitron 360 is quite simple: You have a thrust forward and backward on your triggers, while the A button fires your guns. The B button also enables your shield to deflect shots. Now, with my mix, you fly around like in Lunar Lander and Gravitar with low gravity through these missions to save your scientists and destroying the Core. While doing so you’ll be going up against hundreds of enemies shooting from the ground with normal projectiles, missiles, and also surface-to-air missiles.

Down the road, a nice visit from the Invaders made famous in Defender show up to mess around with you. Yes, they perform just like Defender. They can steal your scientists and make their ships stronger.

Now you’re thinking, “Wow, that sounds simple. Fly around, kill stuff, destroy the core and win.” Well, almost.

You also have to manage your fuel, know where to navigate with puzzle-like levels, and also stay cool in tight escapes. Yes, some of them are very tight, indeed. I should note that, after destroying the Core, you have to escape into orbit in 60 seconds or less before the planet blows. Thus, hinting the Metroid part, there.

And that’s it, nothing else much. There is plenty to do after going through the 70 levels. The challenges are included as well from the Gravitron 2. So that will hold you up.

Honestly, this is the best $1 I’ve spent in a long time (well, since Zombie Estate, but still). So, go pop on your 360, download Gravitron 360, and enjoy it!

Gravitron 360
Ron Bunce
Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace
$80 Microsoft Points ($1)

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