Epic Games Looking To Buy APB?

If you read my review of All Points Bulletin back in July, you know that the game wasn’t the best. A lot of potential but it just felt too unfinished. Well apparently I wasn’t the only one who felt that way because the game’s developer, Realtime Worlds, declared bankruptcy a month ago due to poor sales. Not surprisingly, on the official blog for APB it was announced just yesterday that the servers would be shutting down after only two and a half months.

Sounds like a game that doomed from the start right? Well not everybody thinks so, it seems. According to the BBC, Epic Games is “one of the companies in the frame” for buying the failed MMO. The game was built using Epic’s Unreal Engine and apparently Mark Rein, Epic Games CEO, is a big fan. Dana Cowley, a spokesperson for Epic Games, said, “Mark absolutely loves APB, and everyone here loved what they saw,” and went on to say, “We’ve got our hands full of Gears of War 3, Bullet Storm and the recently announced Project Sword. If any talks like that are going on, then they would be confidential.”

To add to the pot, Dave Jones, founder of Realtime Worlds, has been rumored to have moved from Dundee, Scotland to the United States. According to Eurogamer, a ‘Dundee development source’ said, “Dave Jones and Epic is quite the talking point in town. He and Mr Rein are good chums and have worked together on many levels for years and years and years. And he’s not going to raise much money/staff here in the near future.”

So who knows? Maybe Epic want to try to revive the dead MMO, maybe they just want the title. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Source – BBC
Source – Eurogamer

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  • Gonk

    That’s very sad and how dare you say not surprisingly like why would you have that much hate towards a game that tried greatly to put in featured we’ve all been dreaming about fore years only to back stab them I hate ppl like you.

    If only there was more support, I’ll miss this game dearly I have a blast playing it and meeting ppl in it was hilarious for everyone,

  • Zalgo

    Don’t get all butthurt about his opinion Gonk. I loved the game too, it had one of the best customizations I have seen in any game. But they lacked alot in the gameplay department and I agree with him that it felt unfinished. But I really do hope that epic games takes it under their wings.

  • PiercingFiend

    I played this game everyday including Beta and have to say that it wasnt ready for retail and thats why it failed. RTW rushed it out in the last month and alot of people just werent interested then. Customisation was awesome but that can only go so far, I maxed my character in like a month and that was it…..not enough content, buggy, repetative missions, huge amounts of unbalancing issues etc. Dont get me wrong though, I loved this game and stuck it out to the last day and while typing this im praying that it will be bought(Epic Games) and made into what it should/can be, a very succesful MMO! Come on APB I believe in you 🙂

  • grimnik

    i pray for epic games to take APB under there wings i dont want this awsome game to go away im just havin 2 much fun with it so please epic do what u can to save this game!