Hydrophobia Served As First Dish In XBLA Game Feast

News just in that Dark Energy Digital’s highly anticipated downloadable title, Hydrophobia, will be available on 29 September as the first offering in Microsoft’s ‘Game Feast’ promotion.  Much has been made of the liquid physics effects made possible by the developer’s proprietary HydroEngine, which promises to deliver the most realistic and fully realised water simulation yet seen in a game.

Hydrophobia will set you back 1200 Microsoft points and will be released as the Game Feast’s first course, followed by Comic Jumper (October 6), Pinball FX 2 (October 13), and Super Meat Boy (October 20). The water-bound adventure has you controlling systems engineer Kate Wilson as she attempts to survive a terrorist attack upon a mammoth futuristic ocean liner, and previous murmurings have suggested that the upcoming release will be the first in a series of three episodes.

If the pre-release buzz turns out to be justified, then the asking price of 1200 Microsoft points will seem like a steal – especially when you consider the number of downloadable games retailing at the same price without offering anything at all in the way of ambitious tech. Of course, as Flavor Flav would have us know, it’s not always advisable to believe the hype. Then again, Flavor Flav seems to think that it’s advisable to make pitifully shoddy reality TV shows… so screw what he says and feel free to wet yourself in giddy anticipation of a game that just might offer a thrilling adventure at a knock-down price and a glimpse into the future of digital distribution to boot.

Source: Destructoid

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