PAX 10: Nail’d

nail_d-all-all-screenshot-026PAX Prime is full of amazing games, sounds, announcements, panels, and platforms. I end up running into the question, “What stuck out the most?”

It sounds like a easy question but being such a avid gamer, it’s impossible to answer. But I can tell you one game that completely enticed me and I wasn’t even expecting it to: Nail’d.

I find myself craving to play it, and here’s why.

Insanity. Insanity that I have only experienced in Split Second with all its ingenious track explosions and track shifts. This arcade racer can best be described as Split Second’s lovechild with Pure — and maybe Need For Speed: Shift had a one-nighter as well.

The racing is intense and constantly challenging. Each track has a ton of short cuts, side tracks, and off-road meandering. You have to be able to be change your plans as you ride because each of the drivers around you will do anything to make you crash or hit a rock. Of course if you want an up-close and personal look at a tree, you can always land in one from a mislaunched jump.

Another cool addition in the game is its 14 tracks that are unlocked right from the start. Yeah, no one will have an advantage over anyone else from playing the game excessively; not that there’s anything wrong with that but it levels the playing field a bit.

In addition, developers say that about 25 percent of the time is spent flying. This isn’t flight sim but it definitely puts you up and over some planes.

The jumps are totally awesome and using the “boost” gives you even better jumps. Some of the jumps require you to use boost to make it across some canyons or gorges.

While you are driving, you can make your character lean forward or backward, and this will let you move faster or slower on the tracks. It plays a significant role in the jumps as it sets up your height trajectory. Leaning too far forward will make the angle pretty flat and most likely cause you to hit a wall! Of course, if you lean too far back, you’ll get some big air, but you probably wont make it to the other side in one piece. Too bad you can’t grow some wings.

Adding to this insanity and BIG jumps — the music seals the deal. With artists from Deftones, Hatebreed, Damageplan, Fearfactory, Queens of the Stone Age, and Slipknot, you better be ready to rock it out when you start the game. The music adds an awesome energy to the game that makes you ride harder, push faster, and jump farther. Totally awesome.

All this excitement wouldn’t be complete without a massive online multiplayer, now would it? You can play with 12 other racers online, and that right there is asking for some serious trouble. Play dirty, hit other racers ATVs or bikes, and make them slam into that tree or boulder. In the end, who crosses the line first is all that matters here. Arcade-style racing can be so much fun, and that’s what this game gives to you.

In addition, there are a whose of customization that you can do to your ride. Parts upgrades range from exhaust systems to cosmetic fiddly bits, but nothing that will affect the performance of your vehicle. Everyone can “pimp his ride” however he chooses by winning races and unlocking new items, but the idea is for everyone to be able to race online from day one without having to worry about competing against insanely juiced up rides. No more loosing races because your ATV or bike was too slow to due a lack of upgrades.

Bust out your ATVs and dirt bikes, turn on some rock music, and be ready to tear up the off road backcountry. This is one game that I’ll be craving until release date.

Techland/Deep Silver
Distributed by Southpeak Games
For Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or Microsoft Windows
Available October 19th, 2010

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