Did You Purchase The PlayStation Move

So did you take the plunge and grab up the newest addition to the PlayStation 3?  If you did and you purchased all the accessories it set you back a few dollars as you already know, but what if you are still on the fence about the Move and are thinking about purchasing it for a loved one for Christmas or their birthday and you are wondering how much will this all set you back?  Have no fear as  I have compiled what you will need to get started and included the cost for some of the extra’s you may want.

First off is the PlayStation Move Bundle pack and this will set you back $99.99 and here is what it includes:

Bundle Contents

  • PlayStation®Move motion controller (wireless)
  • PlayStation®Eye camera
  • Sports Champions™Blu-ray game
  • PlayStation®Move game demos disc

Well that’s not bad, but there is more and you do not have to purchase these accessories I am about to list but let’s face it as gamers we tend to purchase all the accessories that are available.

Next up is the Navigation Controller you do not need this as you can use your DualShock 3 but let’s face it sure beats using your DualShock 3 controller and the price of the Navigation Controller is $29.99 still not a bad price because a DualShock 3 controller will set you back about $55.

  • Key Features
    Wireless control completely untethered from the PlayStation®Move motion controller.
  • Intuitive navigation of in-game characters
  • Easy and intuitive XMB™ menu navigation.
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Charge the controller and automatically pair with the PS3™ system via a USB cable
  • Up to two motion controllers and two navigation controllers can be connected at once to the PS3™ system.
  • Note- DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller can be used in place of the navigation controller for all games that are compatible with the navigation controller

So how are you supposed to charge all these new peripherals that you just added to your gaming arsenal?  Well you could use the cables provided and plug it into a usb port or you can purchase the Move Charging Station and that will set you back another $29.99.

  • Key Features
  • Charges any two PlayStation®Move controllers simultaneously
  • Keeps your controllers fully charged, organized and ready for action.
  • Plugs into any wall outlet or place conveniently in an entertainment center

So we are up to $159.97 thus far.  But what do you mean you want an extra set of controllers so you can play with a family member or friend?  If you want an extra Move Motion controller that will set you back $49.99 and don’t forget to throw in another Move Navigation Controller at $29.99 and if you want another Move Charging Station we are looking at another $29.99.  So your grand total would be $269.94 (without tax of course).

So this brings me to my next point. Microsoft’s Kinect is set to sell for $149.99 and that is all you need to get your game on by yourself or with another person. So will the price sway you either way or is extra money worth it for the PlayStation Move.

PlayStation Move Description quotes available at

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For even lower prices check out P*N’s Store.

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  • LVG

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare the price of Move with a ton of unneeded extras to the price of Kinect.

    For anyone simply wishing to have a two player setup (which is all that Kinect is able to do) you only need the camera and two Move controllers, which costs approximately the same as Kinect, but offers more value due to the pack in game.

    • Lewis

      I totally agree with you, what a stupidly biased article.

  • Chase

    We can what if all day, what if your rooms not big enough to play with multiple people on kinect and you need a house renovation, thats thousands in fees alone, and weeks trying to get a licence for the renovation

  • Lattocky

    I would not include the charge stations since it can already be plugged it very unnecessary in my opinion. It is more something to buy down the road and would take 60 dollars off the total.

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  • James

    I got the Move bundle, an extra Move controller and a Nav controller for €115.00 in Smyths Ireland. I have been playing it for a day now, and found out that the charging station is not a neccecity

  • i have zero interest in the Sony move. Unless it comes free with a game then it’ll be a long time before i need to worry about it

  • BoLo

    I already had the camera so all I got was the wand and am satisfied. Sports champion demo had ping pong on it plus there a lot of demos on the psn store to try out so I didn’t need any games as I really just wanted to test out the controller and all I can say is that the ping pong was about the closet thing to playing real life in a video game.

  • I did, I’m really enjoying Sports Champion so far. Several of the minigames in Move the Party are pretty fun to, but they are just that, minigames.

  • Brian

    Thanks for the info, the move looks really cool. I hope Sony breaks out some awesome games to give Nintendo some competition.

  • SnotBoogie

    Got the single controller and camera pack for £39. First impressions, the tech is brilliant but none of the demos were that exciting. Heavy Rain ‘move’ demo was cool, but already own that game. Then decided to try Start the Party demo again with the family, and can now see it being good fun. They liked it at least. Easy to forget that some casual games let you share one controller (just like with Wii bowling/golf).

  • Devon mcbride

    I lucked out I got 2 move controllers 2 games and the camera for free. All I have to do is provide feedback and some pictures of my Friends and family using them.

  • Lewis

    And you may need to buy a chair to sit on when resting, and maybe a new set of blinds to cover your eyes while playing. Don’t forget the extra clothes to change into!…