Halo Reach “Making of the Guide” Video Documentary

It’s not just games that get the limited edition treatment these days, their associated gaming guide can also come in more than one flavour.  Halo Reach gamers who want to buy the guide now have the option to lay down a bit more money for the Legendary version.  More details can be found on the press release revealed earlier today.

Platform Nation can now bring you this video documentary which will tell you more about how the guide was made and you will learn that the creation of the gaming guide is a bit more complex than simply playing through the game and making notes.

Follow the action of Noble team and prevent the planet from falling into the hands of the Covenant. Bradygames’ Halo Reach guide will be an essential collectible item for all Halo fans, and features:

  • The Signature Series guide is printed on premium paper and features multiple finishes.
  • The Limited Edition hardcover features an exclusive 96-page Developer’s Diary with concept art and personal commentary from the design team at Bungie, as well as a high quality dust jacket with an exclusive cover
  • Exclusive maps found only in the official guide show locations of enemy engagements and weapon caches for the campaign.
  • A complete campaign walkthrough that is carefully written to guide the user through all difficulty levels.
  • The enemies and characters sections show official art, bios, and stat lists.
  • Chapters cover the new Credit System and Armor Customisation features, providing information and tactics for obtaining all the available armor pieces for achieving character customisation in the fastest way possible.
  • A complete guide on how to unlock all the Achievements to boost your Xbox 360 Gamerscore.
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