Object Scanning Using Kinect

If we think back to about a year ago and remember the concept trailer for Project Natal (Kinect), it showed many great concepts one of which was the ability to scan real-world objects and then use them in game. The trailer showed a teenager scanning a skateboard vinyl into a game, select it, then use it (ride it). I’m sure me, like many other gamers out there were blown away at the very idea of this concept.

During the 2009 E3 event, Peter Molyneux showed an equally or perhaps a better realisation of what Project Natal is actually capable of. He showed a video of a young virtual boy called Milo and illustrated how one could simply draw an object e.g. A fish and have Project Natal (Kinect) instantly recognise that image. Truly amazing stuff!

In short the whole object scanning idea is a great way to interact and personalise a gaming experience for consumers. In terms of this feature being available only one Kinect game so far has this capability (well sort of), that game being Kinect JoyRide. This game allows users to place a particular coloured item in front of the Kinect sensor and change the paint options of their JoyRide vehicle. For example if you had a favourite shade of blue and happened to own a blue tie in that particular shade, simply hold it so Kinect can clearly see it, then Bob’s-your-uncle! Your vehicle will have a custom paint job based upon the colour of the object held in front of Kinect.

It sounds pretty cool but I must say that I hope Forza 4 or Forza Kinect has a similar feature whereby you create your own designs on paper and then Kinect scans the image and applies it to your sports car. Now that would be cool!


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