Eagle Eye Converter Product Review

Have you ever met a gamer that plays First person shooters both on a PC and console? Ask them which they prefer to play on 90% of the time their answer will be PC, but why? First person shooters feel more natural on the computer then they do with a controller. In my own experiences movement, aiming and just general shooting feels more natural with a keyboard and mouse. Reading this I can already hear the groans of but I like my PS3 better so what if there was a way too hook a keyboard and mouse up to your PS3 would you?

Well now there is thanks to a company called Penguin United who brings us the Eagle Eye converter a peripheral that does just that lets you use a keyboard and mouse on your PS3. Now PC gamers can rejoice at the fact the can feel like they are back in the run of things they can feel just like they are at home. Thanks to Penguin United had the chance to check out this great little gadget and see how it worked for gaming on the PS3.

Eagle-Eye Converter Features

• Customized Key Mapping Feature Transfers Command Data to Keyboard and Mouse
• Same Data Transfer Rate as Original PS 3 Controller for Greater Dexterity
• Optional Turbo Mode for R1, R2, L1, L2 and the 4 Primary Action Buttons
• Supports 2 USB Ports for Standard HID Keyboard and Mouse
• Provides Turbo Function for Standard PS3 Controller when Not Using Keyboard/Mouse
•SRP: $59.99

When first opening the box I was surprised at how simple the actual unit was their was a disk and the actual converter in the box. My next step was to plug the unit into my computer to set up the key mapping. That was as simple as plugging the usb into the computer and popping the disk in as a program popped up to map the keys.

Setting up the key macros was a breeze next was the hook up to the PS3 with an extra long 13ft usb cable. Hooking in the keyboard and mouse you are ready to game like a true PC gamer. First things first if you do happen to set up the macros remember which key you assigned where it took me a bit to figure out where I had mapped the keys. When going with the layout keep everything simple make it more easy to play if you are going to go this route often.

My first run through with the converter was on the Shank demo I chickened out by not jumping right in to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Using the keyboard on Shank felt very natural though I had arranged my buttons so far apart it was a little weird. When Penguin United claimed 1 on 1 movement between the keyboard and the screen there was bound to be doubts. In my test on Shank movement on screen was fast and fluent as soon as I pressed a key the character lept forward with precision. How would it fair in a fast paced shooter though? My next test was Modern Warfare 2 would the Eagle Eye stand the test and still blow me away. Loading up the game I tried out a lot of single player stuff the response from the keyboard and mouse was a welcome surprise. Controls felt fluent the mouse was excellent in the performance of looking around the screen. In no time I was taking out enemies like the controller was never missing the keyboard mouse combo just felt natural.

My thoughts over all would be if you are serious about PC gaming but want to jump into a PS3 console the Eagle Eye is a great addition to anyone’s arsenal. One thing that might scare first time buyers is the 60 dollar price tag though when thinking a controller runs at 54.99 most times the price seems to be a great buy. Give it a try you may be surprised that this becomes your only way to enjoy the PS3.

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    This is a good idea. The two biggest downfalls for me though are:

    A) I’m not a pc gamer so keyboard control is very foreign.

    B) Why not make this for the 360 as it is more popular than the PS3 when it comes to online gaming.

    Otherwise, glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  • This is a great idea — I can imagine this is a great way to get PC gamers, who cannot stand the loss of precision from a controller, to embrace console gaming more.

    As for why it’s not for the 360 — I am pretty sure that the USB ports on the 360 are more restrictive than the PS3’s…

    i just wonder if this will affect leaderboards in FPSs — as this level of precision will have controller users at a disadvantage..

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  • Adam

    Make one for XBOX

  • Ross, did this continue to work after the PS3 3.50 update?

    Great review BTW

    • Have not yet had a chance to test if it still works. Will get it set up on Saturday and let you know.