First BioShock Infinite Gameplay Footage

Following the teaser trailer for the third BioShock game, the first gameplay footage is due to be released on Tuesday 21st September on Xbox Live and For those who can’t wait, there’s also a short snippet on the latest episode of Gametrailers TV, sandwiched between discussion of Force Unleashed II.

The footage so far shows an emphasis on combat and action, with the art direction and graphical quality easily matching the cinematic. The hero, DeWitt, is seem blasting enemies, dodging tank shells and riding zip-lines between  levels of the floating city, Columbia, where the story takes place. The forthcoming footage will hopefully demonstrate some of the other elements of the game, like the new approach to plasmids and the creepier, more atmospheric details that made Rapture such a memorable setting. It’ll be tricky to keep the disturbing tone of the original given the wide open spaces and bright daylight shown; however, it’s an approach that should stop the series from becoming over-familiar. BioShock Infinite is set for an infuriatingly distant 2012 release.

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