P*N Game Night Highlights – Halo Reach

So last Saturday night we at Platform Nation had ourselves a little date with Halo Reach. We had not 1, but 2 game nights. One for the US folks & one for the UK folks and we had one hell of great time – and by great, I mean awesome!

So do you want to watch a couple videos of us showing off our skills? Hell yes you do! So without further ado, check the videos out below (quality may not be the best, but you can see me killing Gemini Ace perfectly) and also have a gander through a couple of screenshots. I would like to thank all the folks that showed up and played, it was too much fun. Do us a favor too, if you did play with us last night, leave us a comment below. Tell Platform Nation that you had an awesome time. Let us know, we don’t bite. Enjoy!

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  • I was there at the UK event beating Boss’s tail for the USA! lol!

  • I wish I was there for at least the UK one but I was not able to. No one would have been able to survive 🙂

  • Looked great! I know the US game night was an awesome time. Plenty of people, 3 hours long and just tons of fun!