Netflix Streams To Canada, PlayStation 3s Without Discs Soon

Netflix’ domination of the rental field has expanded. Sure, Blockbuster’s about to declare bankruptcy, but Netflix still hadn’t broken into America’s hat yet. Starting today, Netflix is available in Canada. From there, Canadian users can just go to the Netflix icon in their PlayStation 3’s XMB and stream to their hearts content. French language will be made available at some point for users, Sony states.

Within the next month, Sony plans to make the icon available for United States users. In response to this announcement, Microsoft’s Major Nelson tweeted that their working on bringing Netflix streaming to it’s Canadian users. The Xbox 360 already can stream without the use of a data disc. Nintendo has made no word on if Netflix will ever not require a disc for the Wii and become a full member of their Wii Channels.

Netflix is pretty much on everything at this point. Canadians, be warned: Netflix can be a massive time sink.

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