Finding The Perfect Video Game.

Most of us have been gamers for quite some time now, I’ve been playing video games for the last 20 years and have enjoyed the variety of stories and experiences gaming can only provide. Sure, not all games are sweet rides, there have been some horrible experiences along the way (Lair, anyone?) but I’m proud to say that some of the best stories and experiences I’ve known so far are video games, not books or movies.

That said, if you are like me you look at that new teaser trailer promising the next big experience and think you’ll finally play the Holy Grail of videogames; the perfect video game. Sometimes this is followed by a series of reviews and the hype reaches its climax. The launch day comes, you play it, it’s great, but not perfect…

Truth is, this cycle repeats itself no matter the year, the console or the generation. We may all die without playing the perfect video game because such a thing isn’t possible, right?

Wrong, the perfect video game does exist. You cannot find it on any particular collection or at a museum, it is not a console exclusive or a 3rd party game. So where do you find it? Go to your collection and your memories, there it is.

Perfection? Keep reading.

I’ve discovered the perfect video game is a collection of the best memories and experiences you’ve had on my gaming life. For me, the first 3 minutes of that perfection came in the form of World 1-1 on Super Mario Bros and continued to grow as I played Super Street Fighter II, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ocarina of time, Halo 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and possibly hundreds of awesome video game moments I’ve had so far. The most recent part of that perfection was the ending of Red Dead Redemption (a game that should not be missed by anyone).

This was perfect the first time I was there.

The same way, you too have your perfect video game. If only for seconds, maybe minutes, if you get to feel that sensation of accomplishment, of perfection, that nothing is missing on that particular moment, then it is the perfect video game just for that moment of your life. If you have played as much as me, then your perfect video game is a collection of those sweet moments, and you should be proud, as you have been part of those great moments.

The next time you feel it, keep playing; enjoy it. You never know when you will find your next perfect moment again, and I’d really love to see what are your perfect video game moments, we’ll for sure remember and live those experiences again.

How about you? Have you found your perfect video game lately? I’d really like to know.

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  • Here is my question. One of the most controversial review scores of all time is Grand Theft Auto IV. Even though it isn’t like San Andreas, does this make it perfect? I loved the game. If I could play it again, I would. It had so much into it. But my perfect games are: San Andreas and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

    • Angel Pelaez (Reeve)

      For me it was awesome, but San Andreas is definitely my best GTA experience so far. And I agree with you with Uncharted 2, one of the close to perfect videogames of all time. I love playing it as often as I can, thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Dean O

    I still remember Metal Gear Solid being as close to perfect as it gets. Then Edge of Darkness on the gamecube which was an amazing game. The first time I played Halo:Combat evolved and Gears of War felt that they were something special.