New Super Street Fighter IV Costumes For The Fall Season

You know how you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day? Capcom’s taking that to the fullest extent, with new costumes for all the fighters in Super Street Fighter IV. Some of the costumes are classics, bringing back Adon’s style from Street Fighter and Chun-Li’s outfit from Street Fighter Alpha. Others are what ifs, such as if Cammy took up M. Bison’s outfit as if she never left Shadoloo.

Capcom has not listed the price point for this set, but says they’ll hit Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network on October 26th. I’ve intentionally held off from buying any costumes, waiting on some sort of mega pack. Additionally, no word has been made about the recently announced Yun and Yang joining any home iteration of the game.

What about you? Are you ready to play dress-up with your street fighters?

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