You Don’t Know Jack Revival?

According to this ESRB ratings page, You Don’t Know Jack,  the often racy and always hilarious trivia game is headed to a console near you.  You Don’t Know Jack, or YDKJ for short, is a trivia game filled with pop culture references and a witty sense of humor.  There have been a  number of releases on the PC along with a console release or two on the original PlayStation system.  I have been hoping for a revival on modern PCs or consoles for a long time now.  I think that the game would be a great XBLA title to play with friends over Live.  Hopefully more concrete details surface to let us know exactly how this game will be released and what kind of support it will have in the future.

You Don’t Know Jack

Platform: PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360

Rating: Teen

Content descriptors: Crude Humor, Drug Reference, Language, Mild Blood, Sexual Themes

Rating summary:

This is a trivia game in which players answer questions from a variety of pop culture topics and subjects.

The questions are presented by an off-screen host named who makes frequent jokes and irreverent comments. Some comments contain sexual references and innuendo; for example, “99 dimensions of orgasmic compatibility,” “a legal brothel in Nevada” “[J]ust release a sex tape or something,” “Personally I prefer Brokeback Mountain: The Remount,” and “[U]nlike Tiger Woods rarely will you see them in a four-some.”

A couple of questions and comments also contain drug references; for example, “Afghanistan is the largest opium producer” and “[W]hy do you think the lollipop guild enjoyed suckers so much? One word, ecstasy.” In one sequence, players may be awarded with a bucket of blood for selecting the wrong hidden answer.

The ending credits contain audio commercials of fictitious TV reality programs (e.g., “Farting with the Stars”), which are accompanied by loud flatulent sound effects. The words “a*s,” “b*tch,” and “damn” can be heard in the dialogue.

I hope that they treat this release like they have in the past with each of the YDKJ games.  After spending time playing a game, I’d often leave the game running to roll the credits so that I could listen, and laugh, to the made up commercials and products they inserted into the game.  Whatever they do, I just want to get my hands on it so that I can relive some of the good times I had playing the game with friends and laughing at each other and the questions as we answered.

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