Move Supported Games Need More Support

Like many of the other PlayStation 3 owners I too was excited last Friday to pick up the PlayStation Move Bundle, and with it’s $99.99 price tag I couldn’t really complain as it came with Sports Championship and I was under the impression a few games I already owned, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition and Heavy Rain, were already Move supported. Much to my surprise Heavy Rain wasn’t Move supported until a few days later but Resident Evil 5 was, so after playing around in Sports Championship for a good few hours  I realized the Move has a lot of potential. The accuracy of the Move when playing Sports Championship was spot on, any little wrist turn was detected, which made me mess up a lot in table tennis, and it made games like Volleyball and Bocce nothing but fun and frustrating at the same time. But, it wasn’t any of the Move exclusive games that I had any real issues with, it was the controls for games that were getting PlayStation Move support that bothered me the most.

First off we have Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, I wasn’t a big fan of this game to begin with because of how the controls were just with using a regular Dual Shock 3 controller so I tried my hardest to go into this game with a clean slate and play it from the beginning. At first it was very awkward to play with the motion and navigation controller, I felt like I was playing an high definition Nintendo Wii game, The first time I encountered enemies I had some trouble with aiming just because when you aren’t holding down the aim button on the Navigation Controller you don’t exactly know where you’re pointing at and I found it a bit troublesome when I would engage enemies that I had to frantically move the motion controller to find the aim cross-hairs to shoot. After playing for a few hours I finally got use to the controls and now I must say it is a lot of fun, there are some minor things that I feel could be fixed with a patch, for example any time you move the motion controller it automatically takes out your knife and swipes it, that kind of gets annoying after a while, also if a subtle symbol to show where your gun will be pointing before you go into aim-mode could be patched in I think that would really make the game more fine tuned and easier to play.

So, with that being said Resident Evil 5 with Move support is really good, just needs some minor fixes to it. On the other hand, we have Heavy Rain, which just got it’s Move Support patch on Tuesday and this was probably the biggest let down for me. Now, for those of you who have played Heavy Rain you all know how intense some parts of the game were when you would have to make quick reflexes with the Dual Shock 3 controller, whether it was tilting it or turning it and hitting buttons at the same time without a full on warning, well this is not the case now with Move support. Granted it seems more realistic at times when playing with The Move but, I also feel it was dumbed down and made a lot simpler, now there are more prompts for motions you can do, even though its almost the same motion for everything you have to do. I wont give away any scenarios of what the motions are for what parts of the game because I don’t want to spoil the game for those that haven’t tried it, or want to play it again and forgot some parts. The only thing I can see saving this game and it’s Move support is a complete remake or a huge patch and they change around about a good two-thirds of the controls they have in it already. So if you plan on picking this game up just because it has Move support I would tell you not to pick it up just for that, but to pick it up for a gameplay experience that is great and a story that you really get drawn into and can’t break away from easily.

With all that being said I can only hope that the future titles getting Move support will have better luck with controls. I also would like to believe that maybe these two games will get another patch with some tweaked controls because I understand the Move is only a week old now and that nothing can be perfect the first time around so I give Resident Evil 5 and Heavy Rain the benefit of the doubt. But, if this is a sign of things to come and future released games with Move support have a lot of control issues then I think the Move should just have exclusive games like Sports Championship, Eyepet, and Kung Fu Rider and leave the platform titles alone and not offer Move support. Only time will tell and I’m sure I will be tackling this issue again during the holiday time when more Move support games come out.

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  • The Wolf

    Too bad a game where you can’t walk and shoot at the same time isn’t worth anyone’s time.

  • Axe99

    How about mentioning RUSE? It was the first non-‘Move’ game to get Move support (a full week before Move was released), and while there’s a learning curve, once you’re over it it’s easily the best strategy control scheme available on console.

  • Mark Lucia (Ionvein)

    @Axe99 I really want to check out RUSE but I feel that because I am a huge strategy game fan that I would be biased if I review or talk about it, and personally I don’t want to be a biased writer.

    @The Wolf, so because I have to stand still and aim and shoot it’s a bad game? That logic makes sense to me…