Gaming Confessions: Ico And Shadow Of The Colossus

With the news of the much rumoured and much anticipated HD remake of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus being all but confirmed I felt it was an appropriate time to tell about my experiences with the games

First confession, I haven’t played Shadow of the Colossus, don’t get me wrong, I did want to play it, but I could never find a copy or at least a copy that I felt I could trust. During one holiday I did stumble across a rather tattered and beaten copy at a car boot sale once, the seller was quite happy to tell me exactly how rare it was and attempted to justify the rather hefty price tag. I thought about it for a while,  but decided against purchasing it, seeing as next to this game was a “genuine” first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosophers’ stone(Sorcerers’ stone)  as well as a complete box set of every Disney  movie every released. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but my intuition warned me that something was a little fishy and while the copy may have been the one genuine thing on the table I just couldn’t trust him.  My suspicions were confirmed at the end of the day when I found his car was loaded to bursting with 1st editions and at least another 10 copies of the same game.

I’m not as bad as some  people, I didn’t ignore the game deliberately and I actually hunted for a copy, it’s not my fault that I couldn’t find one . However my search for Shadow of the Colossus was not for naught as I did manage to stumble across a copy of Ico, which admittedly I only heard about during the coverage of Shadow of the Colossus(Whoops, well I never claimed I was perfect) So I bought Ico and put it into my PS2 and got stuck very quickly. After hours of trying I finally completed the puzzle and progressed quickly to what I thought must be the end of the game, but no. All I was doing was progressing quickly into the next puzzle where I got completely stuck once again. I tried, and tried again but eventually the thrill of the puzzle soon vanished and the frustration of an incomplete task set it. Hours turned to days, days turned to months and well months would have turned into years but I just gave up.   I blame my patience or lack thereof. I had the same problem with God of War 2, I got stuck. The longer I was stuck, the higher my frustration became and eventually I just didn’t care anymore. A few years later and the God of War series is re-released for the PS3, I bought the set and completed it in a matter of days.

So I will look forward to this HD remake of Shadow of the Colossus and Ico and finally be able to remove it from the lists of games to play before you die. My one concern is that these games have now had years of hype and will have a large task livening up to it. One single flaw or stupid addition (Move functionality anyone) and people will be claiming it is not as good as the original which would condemn the game to the history books for a second time.

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