Metal Of Honor Going for Beta Players

Next month EA will be giving PC gamers a chance at seeing what this game really has to offer by opening up the beta for all PC gamers, the hype for the most part has been here and there but now its really time to see whats under the covers so to speak. I will warn you of this beforehand this window of fun fun time is only open from Oct 4th until Oct 7th so you better grab a gallon of red bull mixed with coffee, mixed with something else to keep you up for three days straight (not advised…hardly…). Although the game modes will only be limited to two it doesn’t mean that most of the game’s core aspects wont be brought to the table, and by that I mean make the best of what your given.

I think that EA is trying to make a point here other then promotion of their game is that despite the rejection of their game by the U.S military, they aren’t the bad games and just trying to give games a different perspective throughout the game not some sort of symbolic jester of terrorism. I am sometimes a glass half full type of guy so I’d be willing to play the beta and see what the game is really trying to get out the players as well as what the players are trying to get out of the game.

Source: Gamespot

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  • kirby145

    I played the 360 beta for long enough to tell you I did not like the game. I mean it has problems that stem from how it was made.

    It uses the frostbite engine with no destruction, which is the only thing the frostbite is good for in my opinion.

    It is developed by DICE, who are behind the Bad Company series. I love Bad company, but the guns in this game seem like a direct rip off. Avoiding that fact, the guns in this game lack any realism. There is no recoil, leading to aim and hold down the trigger style gameplay. On reloads, chambering rounds once a magazine is emptied is done incorrectly.

    It feels like a definite rip off of Bad Company (the player may notice similarities in the HUD, grenade throwing, and reloading).

    It takes too much ammunition to kill people and the lag does not make it any easier or more fun. Overall, the gameplay is not smooth and does not offer anything new to the current FPS genre. The game lacks polish and value.