Three Problems With Halo: Reach Multiplayer

I have beef with Halo: Reach Multiplayer, and not the good kind. What does that mean? Read on:

Rally. When I first dove into matchmaking, I saw “Rally” as a possible gameplay mode. I looked over at my buddy who had nothing to offer but a quizzical expression. We were both wondering what Rally was when a voice declared, “F***ing Rally.” Foresight is 20/20.

Everyone spawns on a mongoose, the Spartan four-wheeler of choice. A gray rally point pops up on the map and it becomes first come, first serve; whoever drives through the rally point first scores. The rally point moves to a new location and it is first to 15. The game quickly degrades into half the players jumping off their ATVs and shooting each other while everyone else drives around trying to catch the rally point. There is always one guy who knows the locations of the rally points and camps them to an easy victory. Dumb.

Spartan v. Elite. Sword v. Sword. This won't hurt a bit.

Giant maps. There are several modes that promote close combat, but are played out in giant fields. Why? If you give me the magnum, I want to use it. In SWAT mode, players’ shields are stripped and it essentially becomes a CoD or MW match. The map is a great plain and everyone is forced to run around and jump like idiots so they don’t get sniped by a lucky shot. This is particularly counterintuitive in SWAT mode, where you expect close quarters tactics to reign. Someone explain this to me.

The Hunter is seen at the end of Firefight. Don't get this close.

Matchmaking for Firefight. We were spoiled by the new Firefight mode in ODST and expected great things out of Reach. While we were given matchmaking, the game itself is limited to only five waves and two skulls (Catch and Tough Luck). We still have the option to play normal Firefight locally or with the Xbox Live Party, but most players don’t have a massive friends’ list with competent Reach players.

They did score with Infection, a mode that has Energy Sword-wielding zombie Spartans chasing down shotgun-toting survivors. I still think this is a great game and entertaining to play, but I expected perfection from Bungie’s grand finale.

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  • LordShuttlezworth

    “it essentially becomes a CoD or MW match”

    Shields are for pussys, and Halo is for punk ass kids. This is the 4th game and they still cant aim down the sights? lol, what a fucking joke of game.

    • oh

      You’re ovbiously a CoD fanboy.

      Well.. go back to your glitched broken piece of shit game that takes no skill whatsoever.


  • matta

    “I expected perfection from Bungie’s grand finale.” – no game is perfect and never will be. you will always have someone saying somethings is wrong with a great game. REACH is fucking AMAZING…
    and for the person who said shields are for pussies… its a futuristic game on another planet you dumb fuck. eat a dick and go play little big planet homo.


    Stop being a freakin butt-hurt a-hole and enjoy the game. Sure, there are some things to gripe about, but you just deal with it because it’s fun.

  • smargh

    Wah wah wah wah wah this game isnt perfect in every way. if three problems is the most you have with a game, id say thats pretty fucking phenomenal. youre that little kid that reads an award winning novel and thinks they can do better because they totally made THREEEE grammatical errors

  • 4LL

    At the OP and the first dude who posted a comment.

    Just going to leave this right here and leave:

  • Wow, for people attacking the author, id like to point out that he states that he likes the game. I also agree with most of what he says about having huge maps when they should be smaller, and I especially think firefight is severely lacking. Luckily these are things that can be fixed. I do, however, think that it is too much to ask for perfection from any game, as it is impossible to please everyone. Example: comments above

    Overall, good article =)

  • HO

    Swat is retarded as Snipers and BTB Classic, Maps are wrong for those 3 types, they’re like playing MW2 is just that I enjoy more MW2 than this 3 modes, I hate the stupid start up set of ammo, the riffle is retarded as well, firefight needs to be allowed to be played with the other skulls!!!

    Other than that I do like the whole MP and the game in general, not the greatest but is enjoyable and fun, btw laggers should be punished, same for idiots who tk for a particular place or device (laser designator in particular) fkn idiots can really make ur game a pain.

  • Realist

    Nobody cares about your opinion.
    That goes for the author and the posters.

    Everyone get over themselves.

  • Great article John, there is nothing wrong with putting your own thoughts out there.

  • James_spaink

    meh, reach could have been much better 1. better maps 2. a bigger or no aiming gloom at all now the spammer always wins with his better connection because he lives in the U.S 3. grenades why don’t spawn them on the map instead of a base loadout 4. armor ability’s the idea was cool but it failed 5. Energy Sword fights now don’t rely on speed you and your opponent just die simultaneously 6.why when a tank is EMP’ed it can still shoot!?

    and i can just make a list of 100 reasons why reach is bad 90 of em are facts
    but these are the first major six