Halo: Reach Credit Exploit Lights Up the Web

We’re over a day late to the game on this one, but that’s not stopping us from reporting on the incredible Halo: Reach credit exploit that’s taken the web by storm.  The  exploit is best summed up by YouTube user TheresPooOnMyShoe, who filmed three minutes of the method, but claims to not be its creator. Most outlets claim that this exploit can net you 20,000 credits in 10 minutes by following these five steps:

Step 1: Choose ONI:Sword Base in Campaign on Normal with free for all score.
Step 2: Run through the level till you can pick up the Target Locator.
Step 3: Walk to the door and wait for a “Checkpoint”
Step 4: Fire at the enemies!
Step 5: Press start, choose “Revert to last save” and let teh credits roll!
Some info needed to be known, it’s good to achieve atmost 2 commendations during one run, after commendations are acuired the credits seem to decrease so it’s good to “Save&Quit” and start again for another 10 minutes.

I gave this method a quick spin this afternoon, and I can confirm that it really is alarmingly simple.  I racked up about 3,000 credits in 5 minutes before I chickened out (I’m quite scared of Bungie’s all-powerful ban-hammer.)  It’s an interesting exploit, but Bungie can easily and quickly fix it by requiring all previous enemies to be dead before the target locator will activate. Having said that, I wouldn’t expect this trick to be around for long.

This may seem like a godsend for those of you trying to get the “Haunted” helmet, but be warned that Bungie has a history of shutting down those who seek to exploit their hard work.  My guess is that the Halo developer will keep a close eye on their stat-tracking tools and drop bans on individuals who are racking up disproportional scores on this level… so be warned.

  • Corey

    Alright so theres this and the kill so many enemies in any game mode, you can get it to one enemy left while in a campaign level and save and exit then reload any level you want with an enemy at the beginning kill it watch the challenge get finished then disconnect your internet and reconnect you will keep the points but your challenge will have one kill left again Rinse and Repeat

  • kirby145

    Just to clear this up- no matter how you play the game you won’t get banned for earning credits. There is, however, a maximum amount you may earn per day. (I think it was either 10,000 or 15,000).

    Bungie acknowledges these gameplay styles and says they are acceptable.

  • Corey

    The maximum is more like 60k an hour, I’ve hit it, each hour just doing glitches

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    I have already read multiple threads on the Bungie forums & on the forums about users being ‘credit banned’ for using these types of exploits.

    Basically, being credit banned means you can’t use your credits for anything for like a month+ and I believe they reset your credits back to zero.


    From the forums – to illustrate my point:

    “Wow… i just got credit banned for two weeks… and everything was reset for me.. a warning woulda been better but no just a flatout reset and a credit ban? i found a glitch where you can get alot of credits in firefight and they banned me for that… ”

    So this player now has zero credits – and can’t earn anymore for at least two weeks.

    I’m actually glad Bungie is on top of this.

    • Good Looking out STFUP. Maybe if you could add a link here so people can take a look at it and remember you have been warned by Jordan in his article, it may not be the ban hammer but a credit ban sounds just as bad especially if some of those credits where earned with hard work.

  • You won’t be banned for doing this.

    “If you find some particularly fast way of earning Credits because you want to be the first person on the planet with thunder and lightning swirling your visage, we won’t ban you for that, either. Assuming you’re actually playing, your efficient means of farming Credits will only expedite your trip to the Daily Cap – it won’t send you to Banadu.”

    That’s straight from Bungie’s weekly update.

  • I imagine those getting credit banned are the ones using internet connection workaround to game the system.

    Using the system to game the system seems to be OK.

    This will likely be fixed by the time I get the game 😉

  • Short cut to Creditville! Nothing wrong with that IMHO.

  • Jim

    Invade you Guys haven’t noticed on e you get a commendation to silver you get none to very little credits for doing it. So in the case of oni you go from 100 credits a run to 12. So there won’t be any banning or fixing of glitches Bungie solved the problem before any of you even got the game. So stop saying you’ll get banned for farming or that they’ll fix a “glitch” the system was designed to work so farming is possible but only helps for so long.

  • Dude

    What’s the point of banning someone over this? It’s not like it affects anyone else. In halo rank means nothing. The only reason people feel the need to credit boost is because the armor is so expensive

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  • Alexy Pagan

    I am a family man. I have a wife and a 3 years old kid. I’m 30 years old, Navy veteran and E-6 on the Navy Reserve. I’m in college finishing my BS in Mechanical Engineering. Do you think I have time to play a video game? Well, I always find time to do it. I’m a fan of Halo and Bungie but today, after a week without playing Halo Reach I decide to sit down, after a physic test and two french quizzes and play Reach from 1300 until probably the next morning. I used to do this with Halo 2 and 3 after a long college semester or my finals. Me and my younger brother are Halo fans and we normally do this. Now, I decide to get one of the achievements done, the 50 games on firefight and guess what, I received a message saying that I reach the online credit limit. After that I can’t get any more credits I guess until the freaking challenges get reset. This is some kind of nonsense. I can’t believe that I can’t sit down comfortable and relax and play Reach all I want???!!!!! How is that you guys do this without sending a message through XBox life or letting us know. And just to make it better, I received the message exactly when I finish the challenge that I was fighting for. When I was expecting the credit awarded for the challenge that I completed is said 0cd. This is totally wrong. What did I did wrong to deserve this crap. I want an explanation and the credit that I supposed to have since I received the message until I stop playing the game.
    My gamer tag is LonneShadow666 and you can verify that I am not cheating or doing nothing wrong.

  • Spoon

    Bungie (the developer, whom with this site has absolutely no affiliation) has imposed a daily credit limit to prevent massive game exploitation. You can only earn 50,000 credits per day (a very reasonable limit, which I have certainly never come close to hitting.) Assume you earn about 1,000 credits per firefight match, times 50 matches… Well, there you go. Daily limit achieved. Be proud of yourself man, 50,000 legitimate cR in one day is damn impressive.

  • I got banned today. i dont know how long ill be banned, reguardless that was my wake up call. I wasnt boosting to rank up or buy armor, I was just doing it to spend credits. I have all the armor i truely want, know I can focus on forge, having fun in the game, and playing others. Thanks bungie for teaching me a life lesson!!!

  • I did not reach 50,000 credits in one day and was still temporarily banned from earning credits. I hve been a life long Nintendo fan and finally broke down and bought an Xbox 360 and Halo Reach. I have only been playing Halo for a little over a week so I don’t know about “glitches” or any other way to “steal” credits. Bungie or Xbox did not tell me why I was temporarily banned. If this continues I probably won’t renew my Xbox Live subscription.

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