NBA Jam To Be Sold Separately For 360, PS3

So, one of the few exclusives that the Nintendo Wii had going for it this holiday season was NBA Jam. EA Sports is relaunching the franchise, and paired with Goldeneye 007, meant that Nintendo Wii owners could relive two of the Nintendo 64’s greatest games: Goldeneye 007 and NBA Hangtime.

Well, they were two of my favorite games.

Still, the desire for a multiplatform NBA Jam went through many gamers. Therefore, EA Sports announced that a limited version/online-enabled version of NBA Jam would come as a downloadable title, exclusively bundled with NBA Elite 11 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

According to IGN, EA Sports has delayed NBA Elite 11. NBA Elite 11 was to release in October (with NBA Jam for the Wii releasing on October 5th). They’ve announced that they’ll release NBA Jam on the PS3 and 360 as a standalone title. There’s no word on if the NBA Elite 11 release will still come with the downloadable title, or if NBA Jam will be released on Xbox Live Arcade/PlayStation Network, or on DVD/BluRay.

Initially, I was split on what console to get NBA Jam on. With no interest in NBA Elite 11, the choice was clear: Wii. Still, the online play and Achievements of Xbox 360 version were tempting. Now, it may just depend on how much the Xbox 360 version ends up running.

Are you guys ready to yell “Boomshakalakah!” this holiday season?

  • Jam Doug

    I’m glad NBA Jam is coming out as a standalone game hopefully on Xbla or Psn. Now, NBA Elite 11 being delayed is a sign that maybe the demo wasn’t well received by the public and EA doesn’t want to compete with Jordan’s NBA 2k 11.

  • DDSmitty

    From downtown!
    I’ll definitely be picking this up for the PS3.