A Second Look At Indie Games

So, just over a year ago, I gave out a list of some really solid Indie games on the Xbox Marketplace. What’s been going on since then, and what’s worth your money these days?
Arkedo Series-03 Pixel!
I’m a big fan of Arkedo. They put out quality titles that are better than some of the major releases for live arcade. Their most recent title, Pixel, is a love note to the glory days of gaming in black and white (or green and… green, technically) on the original Nintendo Gameboy. It’s a fairly standard side-scroller with some very unique puzzle-solving thrown in. Well worth it at 240 MSP.
Dungeon Adventure
One of two RPG’s on this list. Dungeon Adventure is truly for the old-school gamers out there. If you remember running ancient RPG’s off of floppy’s in dos, this one’s for you. It drips nostalgia with every square by square you trek across. If this sounds like your cup of tea, it runs 240 MSP. For those interested, check the demo first.
A fun side-scroller heavy on the hack and slash. It’s art design is beautiful and vibrant, like playing in a paper mache world, or running through a Japanese wall scroll.  If you’re looking for a great distraction, or a smaller title to run through between bigger releases, you can’t go wrong with it’s 80 MSP price tag. One minor complaint, though. I’ve only played through the demo on this one, and all I can say is I hope there’s more music tracks in the game besides the one on loop during the demo.
Shoot 1Up
Hands down my favorite title on this list. Shoot 1Up is not only an excellent bullet hell shooter for the Indie games section, it’s an excellent bullet hell shooter PERIOD. The art design, the play mechanics, everything about this game works in harmony to provide a fun experience. And the best part? It’s only 80 MSP. Go get it.
The other RPG I mentioned earlier. Soulcaster is an action RPG that plays something like Gauntlet with a Final Fantasy/ Dragon Quest aesthetic. Your character goes from map to map collecting NPC characters you can pick up and place almost like defense turrets as you run around collecting items and solving puzzles. It’s a great time, and well worth your 240 msp.

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  • I definitely agree with the Arkedo series and Soulcaster. both amazing games. Plenty of other great games as well but there are so many decent to not so great games to sort through that it’s hard to find the good ones.