Amazon Launches Motion Gaming 101

New to the whole world of motion gaming? Ten years ago, you undoubtedly played a video game with a d-pad, analog stick, buttons, and triggers. Nowadays, Microsoft wants you to move your body, Sony wants you to swing some glowing orbs, and Nintendo wants you to point your remote at a sensor bar. What’s a sensor bar, how do you Kinect, and why should you Move?

Amazon’s hoping to alleviate some problems with the confusion of these gameplay elements (ironically, meant to make gaming easier and more open). They’ve launched Motion Gaming 101, a subpage devoted to explaining the nuances of the Wii Remote, PlayStation Move, and Microsoft Kinect. Undoubtedly, Amazon wants to sell more of these items, but it’s not a bad idea. Most people don’t realize that the buy in cost for PlayStation Move is higher than the one bundle if you want to play multiplayer, or that Kinect is intended for two players at a time.

How’s the movement revolution going for you? Do you only play Wii games that use the Remote horizontally? Only getting Kinect for Minority Report-style GUI usage?