EA MMA Demo Now Released

EA Sports has put out the demo for EA MMA on Xbox Live and PSN.  The demo gives you a full tutorial in ‘MMA 101’ and also lets you control 4 different fighters (2 in the Heavyweight and Middleweight divisions respectively)  in the ‘Fight Now’ area: Bobby Lashley, Alistair Overeem, Jason Miller, and Jake Shields (Miller and Shields are also the fighters in the ‘MMA 101’ tutorial).

The Demo also gives you an option to unlock a “Classic” version of fighter Randy Couture for use in the full game.

The less scruffy version of Couture can be unlocked by inviting your friends to play the MMA demo

If you want a closer more detailed look at the game’s demo before you decide to download it, EA has also uploaded a youtube video looking at all of the things the game has to offer. Once you’ve downloaded the demo, tell us what you think! What do you like/loathe about the game? Did the demo convince you toward purchasing the full game? Let whatever you have to say about MMA be known. As Big John McCarthy would say, “Let’s get it on!”.

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  • crap, I forgot about this! I need to download it ASAP

  • Saz

    I thought this was rubbish. The game plays like it was programmed by someone who’s heard about the UFC but never actually watched it. Plus the control system is awkward and clunky, it feels like they’ve hacked and chopped the Fight Night game engine to fit MMA. Plus there’s a distinct lack of star quality. Other than the diehard MMA fan, who knows who Jake Shields and Bobby Lashley are? I hope this is fixed in the full release, but I doubt it. If the purpose of this game was to show the UFC what they can do with the format, sorry EA, you failed.