NASCAR Finds A New Home

A week ago it was just a rumor that a new NASCAR game would be making its way to consoles.  Well, earlier today  it has been confirmed, through this website over at  The website currently has timer counting down to what looks like Monday.

The game is being made by the company Eutechnyx Limited and being published by Activision.   You may remember Eutechnyx from their other previous games like 2006’s Pimp My Ride or 2005’s Big Mutha Truckers.  This should be a pretty big deal for this company see as how they have not worked on a game of this magnitude before.  We should really be able to see what this company has to offer.

This is a big catch for Activision as well seeing as how NASCAR is a pretty big market, especially in the United States.  Since Activision bought the rights to all things NASCAR they are now filling a void in the racing market that has been their since EA stopped making NASCAR games back in 2009.  Until this game comes out racing fans will be able to get their fix in Gran Turismo 5.  Which was, for the time being,  able to obtain some of the rights for NASCAR related things..  Though that only helps people who own a PS3.   For all you NASCAR fans out there it looks like the game should come out some time in 2011.

Source Kotaku

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  • Matthew Elliott

    Kotaku has just updated that Eutechnyx holds the license not Activision. Activision is only publishing the game.