Nintendo 3DS Price Announcement

Here is some news we have all been waiting for about the Nintendo 3DS.  It is being reported that the Nintendo 3DS has a date and possible NA pricing.  As reported earlier this morning we where shown the 3DS line up and now we have some other important  information for you to take a look at.

·         Nintendo 3DS launches February 26th, 2011 in Japan and likely a March 2011 release date for North America and Europe.

·         Nintendo 3DS launch price to be ¥25,000 ($299 USD) and will likely launch in North America at $249 to $299.

·         Investment community disappointed by release schedule; EEDAR dissents.

·         A 2011 launch provides additional development time and support from third-parties.

Looks like I am going to have to mark my calender for March 2011.  I thought we would have seen the 3DS released in time for the holiday season.  But one thing, does that possible NA price have you up in arms?  Let’s face it you can buy a console for that price, so will you be buying the 3DS when it is launched or wait a year to see if the price goes down.

Source EEDAR via email

  • Varah

    I would love to buy it, but that’s a buttload of money, so I will be waiting for the price to drop to under at least $200.

    • billy

      you idiot you by an xbox 360 for ps3 and wii for over $300 but you won;t by the nintendo 3ds. oh and another thing it is going to be years before it is under $200 so you should just by it when it comes out or else you are going to waithing for a lot of years.
      this is smart man signing off

  • That’s huge news, and the price is what I thought it’d be. I think I might be on the launch bandwagon here, based on the game lineup alone…

  • i went to gamestop like a million times and they didnt know much.For north america i was told was 189.99 USD. the date is set but the price isnt. just wait instead of guessing. it will show up by the time its almost out. if it does come out as $300 thats insane. it’d make more sense for it to be around $200

  • james braselton

    hi there your forgeting nintrndo will pay gold game coins if i want too buy more 3DS i will have too earn those game coins

  • james braselton

    hi there your forgeting nintrndo will give you game coins