Batman: Arkham City Gets New Interrogation Mode

When Batman: Arkham City was announced last year, at the Spike Video Game Awards, it made a lot of people very nervous. Many were assuming that it was going to be a rushed sequel.

Thankfully, the game isn’t being hurried along and Rocksteady is attempting to make an even better game. Yesterday, CVG reported that a new enhancement for the detective mode is being added to the single player mode. This new enhancement allows Batman to interrogate  some of the henchmen that he finds, in order to locate some of the Riddler’s secrets. So far, there isn’t much information about the new interrogation techniques, except that part of the challenge will be isolating the thugs that Batman wants to interrogate.

Hopefully, Rocksteady keeps it coming with the announcements, because Arkham City has the potential to be another great Batman game.

Source: CVG

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