Beyond Good & Vile Remakes


Sick of waiting for Ubisoft to release the details on Beyond Good & Evil 2? Don’t worry, they’re actually aware of its existence and are remaking the original game for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. To be released in 2011, the Beyond Good & Evil remake will run at full 1080p, textures/character models will be improved and the game’s soundtrack will be optimised for better quality.

Personally I never played the original game, but that just makes me all the more thrilled for this remake. With a very favourable reception and renowned legacy, I always felt like I missed out with Beyond Good & Evil. In addition to the fact it did poor commercially, it also brought across a glimmer of guilt. Well now’s my chance to redeem myself and everyone else that ignored it the first time around. It’s weird being excited for something you know absolutely nothing about, but being omniscient is overrated.

Now, if only someone could remake Psychonauts..

  • I’m really glad to see this, Beyond Good and Evil is one of my all time favourites. Lets hope they price it to sell. Dead Rising Case 0 shows a $5 game will sell.