Gamestar Mechanic Teaching STEM Skills Through Game Design

Let face it today’s youth with be our future Presidents, Astronauts, and Nobel Peace Prize winners but have you every thought of who will be the next game designer or developer?  Well Gamestar Mechanic is thinking outside of the box with this new PC learning tool/game.  Gamestar Mechanic will help children learn critical thinking, problem solving and digital media collaboration and the best of all it is free.  So even if your child doesn’t know what they want to be and is always looking for something to do on the computer, steer them in the right direction and checkout Game Mechanics.


  • Players can play games, fix broken games while learning the basics of game design in the context of an exciting narrative
  • A robust suite of game tools lets kids design and publish their own original games with easy to use drag and drop functionality
  • Players can share, collaborate and review games posted by others through a community. They can also participate in contests and challenges
  • A robust free and premium tiers for both consumer and education channels

Mixing a learning tool and a game all in one is a win win for parents and if you have time check it out.

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