Is Your Gaming Space Clean & Quiet? It Better Be!

With the launch of Kinect a little over a month away, Inside Xbox has made a video explaining the perfect gaming environment for the sensor and what Kinect actually see’s. This video states how much room is required to play Kinect games efficiently and where to place the sensor in your living space. Check out the video below.

As you can gather from the video, the optimum distance between you and Kinect should be 6ft with 3ft either side of you for movement and not in close proximity to speakers. You should also have an uncluttered floor space as Kinect uses the floor as a reference. In other words, tidy up! I guess you wouldn’t want to trip over a shoe or whatever else is lying around on your floor.

Lighting is a crucial part of Kinect’s initial calibration and requires a well-lit room/ space in which the sensor can clearly see you. I had originally thought that Kinect could operate in all manners of lighting however I was clearly wrong in that respect.

The noise cancellation is pretty cool feature and Kinect benefits from having a quite environment so that it can accurately recognise you and others by separating your voices from background noises. If everything mentioned above sounds a little daunting do not worry, Kinect will ship with a setup guide which will make the whole calibration process very simple.

Kinect is due to launch in the US on November 4th and the UK on November 10th.


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