Medal of Honor Sets Franchise Pre-Sell Record And PC Beta

Electronic Arts, especially Danger Close and DICE studios, were taking a risk by rebooting a beloved franchise spanning years with a sizable fan base. Not only were they attempting to revive a franchise, they were setting it completely out of its World War II roots. While plenty of fans were thinking good riddance to the over-beaten World War II motif, another set groaned at the prospects of another first-person shooter set in modern combat.

However, it appears that anticipation for Medal of Honor is heating up. Electronic Arts announced earlier today that the title reboot has set a new franchise record, hitting the highest number of pre-sell units in the franchise’s 11-year history. Of course, these pre-sales could be attributed to store buys, not exactly units converted into concrete purchases by gamers. Even so, it’s still impressive since there is still more than a week remaining until Medal of Honor hits retail shelves.

Prior to Medal of Honor’s release on October 12th, the PC Multiplayer is set to launch its open beta on October 4th. This beta features two new maps inspired by real world locations: Kunar Base and Shahikot Mountains. Kunar Base feature the Sector Control multiplayer mode: two sides fight to control sectors of the map. Shahikot Mountains is more objective-based with Combat Mission multiplayer: gamers battle through a series of objectives to defeat the opposing team. Both modes pit up to 12 players (for a total of 24 players) against each other.

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