THQ’s CEO talks 3D

After the plethora of 3DS goodness we’ve been getting lately, and the incredibly huge positive reception it has received, THQ’s CEO, Brian Farrel, shared a couple of words with MCV magazine, and dropped some interesting insights about the 3D landscape that’s imminently invading our way of life.

According to Farrel, the Nintendo 3DS is the only 3D device that has amazed him, after months of experiencing games and movies with a less than ideal implementation of the technology. Farrel certainly believes the PS3’s approach to 3D is quite wrong, as “It has never been about the technology, it has always been about what we can do with it. And I won’t be convinced until I see a compelling game on the TV screen.”

He also agrees with the majority of people when it comes to be forced to use glasses; “will I see my son downstairs with his friends, playing a multiplayer game, laughing and joking, with those big glasses on? Are we going to have four sets of glasses lying around that don’t get lost or broken? There are just a lot of issues at the moment.”

While he is positive the Nintendo 3DS is effectively using its technology to enhance the gaming experience, he insists “it’s always about what the consumer wants. And I wonder – for families watching the entertainment or gamers – does 3D deliver today? I don’t think it does. Not yet”.

So there you have it. What is your position when it comes to 3D technology being implemented in our everyday lives? Do you agree with Mr. Farrel? Let us know in the comment section below!

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