Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock (Guitar Review)

The new guitar introduced through the new game Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is a guitar that adds some features that have not been seen before on a plastic guitar. Although plenty of new features have been added to the new guitar, there is still an easy way to describe it to people who have played most guitars in the Guitar Hero franchise. The new guitar is an updated version of the Les Paul guitar from Guitar Hero 3. The Les Paul was a guitar that added many new features, mainly it was the first guitar to feature wireless functionality. The Les Paul also added redesigned buttons with a curve at the end instead of being rectangular, the buttons also had a spongy feel, instead of it feeling like you hit a button with a spring holding it in place, (like in most plastic guitars) the Les Paul felt like you were pushing down on a spring that had a sponge at the bottom. The Les Paul also introduced a removable neck, this neck was the beginning of the problems for the Les Paul as the neck would often not completely touch the connectors in the body and would cause the guitar to miss certain buttons, like the green button if not fully pushed in. The Les Paul also had a problem with its wireless capabilities, it seemed like in the middle of holding a note the guitar would cut off the note and sometimes not even hit the note at all. With the new guitar we see the same problem return but much less.

The new guitar has every detail that I have described of the Les Paul except for the removable neck. The worst thing it seems to have gotten from the Les Paul is the wireless capability. It seemed to be every 10 songs or so it that the guitar would cut out in the middle of a note but this is very minor compared to the Les Paul. The problems with the Les Paul made the guitar unplayable but the new guitar is definitely still playable, even though it suffers from the same problem. The major problem with the new guitars is that some of them squeak when you click down on the strum bar. While playing Guitar Hero I began to notice a high pitch noise coming from my guitar almost every time I pressed down on the strum bar, as I kept playing it became louder, eventually it got to the point where it was giving me a headache. I could not stand the squeak anymore, so I looked around and found some all purpose machine oil. I dabbed it on both sides of the guitar’s strum bar. After I used the oil the effect didn’t take place immediately but after a few strums the squeaking went away. I fear that the squeak will return but if it does hopefully the oil will work every time and not harm the guitar (so please don’t try just in case).

Once you get past the errors in the guitar you can start enjoying some of the new features in the guitar. First off I will go over the main feature in the guitar, it doesn’t really have a body. The entire device is stored inside of the neck making the guitar playable as a long rectangular piece and allowing alternate bodies to be attached. Unfortunately, while this is a cool feature there probably won’t be too many bodies to switch to. With Activision’s attempt at something like this before, with the removable faceplate for the Les Paul, it seems that Activision does not give great support to things like this and will probably only offer around five different bodies, at most, and they could be hard to find.

Swapping between the bodies is not the easiest of feats. Inside the very cool part of the neck that you can open, you will find a lock switch below the batteries, pulling down on the tab will allow you to pull the body off of the guitar. When you put the other body on the guitar the tab will move into the lock position automatically. When I put on the axe body the guitar does not lock the body into place allowing the body to easily be taken off, but not easy enough to where it will just fall off. When the original body is put back on, it locks into place. This problem is not a huge deal but something to keep in mind when thinking about getting a new body.

The main problem that people will have with this guitar’s design is the placement of the back button, which activates star power. The back button is placed in a row with the very well placed whammy bar and the start button. If you play like most people you will find that the back of your hand will rest against the back button and if you happen to lean into the button, with your hand, you will trigger star power accidentally. Even though this can be annoying, it can be used to your advantage because it allows you to easily use the back button so you can activate star power anytime you want without having to lift your guitar. The guitar seems to have everything else placed very well, including the “analog stick”, which sets at the bottom of the guitar and is mostly easy to use, the guide button inside of the “analog stick” is hard to accidentally hit and it seems like the perfect place for it. The mic port and sync button are located on the back, one right above the other. The mic port is designed to be used with the newer mics that use a jack similar to a regular headphone jack. I am unsure if the mic port suffers from poor sound quality when used because I only use wireless mics but if I had to take a guess I would imagine that it has the same quality port as the DJ Hero controller and those seem to work fine.

Final word:

I would recommend this guitar for anyone who is the same situation as me. When you play you always play expert and you like to hit every note but the best guitar you own is a Rock Band 2 controller and while those are really good it can be harder to hit some of the double strummed notes, compared to a guitar like the X-plorer, making the Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock controller a great guitar controller for any expert player looking for a guitar that will allow them to play a little better. For anyone new to the genre that wants to pick up a guitar that will last awhile I recommend a Rock Band 2 guitar. Even though the new controller has its problems it seems to be a descent buy for an extra $40 dollars when you buy Warriors of Rock. Seeing as most guitar controllers can cost you almost twice that.

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  • Evan

    I just bought the game and guitar right out of the box I notice that I cannot strum down…at all. It is total sucks. I have to use that crappy little d pad nub thing to get around the menus! 2 rocking thumbs down.

  • luke

    i had exactly the same problem, worked fine for a day then afterwards i coudnt strum downwards. this is really putting me off playin the game, i will be sending it back and if i get another faulty 1 then i wont be buying another guitar hero again

    • Craig

      Works fine shut it! It’s amazing!!!!

  • Same here. I HATE THIS SO MUCH! I bought this hilarious game few days ago and today I’ve nearly smashed my guitar. I can’t strum down… Seems Activision once again made a big mistake.

  • Disappointed

    Mine hasn’t gotten as far as not working at all. But it squeaks like crazy and cuts my notes off while holding them, it also half the time doesn’t hit them. Only when strumming down though. Total let down. Don’t buy it!

  • caz

    Mine strum bar started squeaking after three songs, drove me crazy so went back to my old one. Put oil on it and left it overnight and the squeak has gone! love the guitar

  • SC

    what kind of oil. Try to exchange mine because of the squeaking, but no one has it in stock.

  • All purpose machine oil you can probably find it in the sewing isle of a store because it is used on sewing machines but probably any type of wd-40 type lube will work.

  • is anyone having a problem with getting their guitar to sync? any solutions?

  • my guitar strum doesn’t work right. sometimes when i strum it doesn’t register. The game is very good, but I recommend getting just the game and a different guitar.

  • viper44

    thank you dude!