Unsung Heroes Halo Edition Vol. 3

Well it’s that time of the week again. The time when I throw down the name of a person, place or thing that makes our video games enjoyable to play. The last few weeks I have been paying tribute to Bungie’s swansong, Halo Reach. I took my hat off for Bungie and for the Magnum M6G Pistol. This week’s Halo Unsung Hero, is none other than the coveted Daily/Weekly Challenge.

Oh Daily Challenge, how I love thee. Let me count the ways… Holy Smokes! These challenges are like crack. I am so addicted to getting as many of them completed as I can. I have good reason too. They offer up some nice extra Cr (Credits) and are fun to do as well; well most of them are anyway (the other day the one challenge was to play through a Campaign mission on Heroic or higher with the Tilt Skull enabled…it wasn’t fun Bungie!). They can range from a few hundred Cr to a few thousand. The most I have seen offered up for one challenge is 5000 Cr. That comes in really handy when you get up past Warrant Officer, where it takes a lot longer to get the next rank.

Everyday, Bungie posts 4 new daily challenges at 6am Eastern time. They also post 1 weekly challenge that starts every Monday morning. Bungie is doing a pretty good job of changing them up from day to day. For example, yesterday’s Challenges were all Firefight based. You had to earn 400 kills in Firefight Matchmaking, 100 kills on Outpost in Firefight Matchmaking, 40 kills with a small arms weapon on Firefight Matchmaking, and you had to survive 1 whole round of Firefight Matchmaking without dying. Now for today, they are all multiplayer Matchmaking challenges. They are kill 75 enemies (750 Cr), earn 30 assists  (1200 Cr), earn 2 Killing Sprees in a multiplayer Matchmaking game (1000 Cr), and complete 17 games of multiplayer Matchmaking (2500 Cr). That’s an extra 5450 Cr that you could earn today if you were able to complete all four challenges. As for the weekly challenges, there have only been 3 so far, but they usually offer up some mega Cr. The first weekly Challenge was complete 9 Campaign Missions on Heroic or higher and you can earn an extra 5000 Cr. Wow. That’s some nice Cr!

Bungie, keep up the good work with the challenges. I can’t wait to see what you will have in store for us tomorrow!

Daily/Weekly Challenges, I Salute You!

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