Zentia Open Beta Begins October 13, 2010 announces that Zentia Open Beta will begin on Oct 13th.  Zentia is a free-to-play MMORP where players can experience a fun, exciting, challenging, and immersive game experiences for hours on end.

Players can choose any of the twenty-four characters with any of eight unrestricted classes to begin their journey.  In addition to new features and characters, the game offers multi-person combat mounts in both PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player), including ones that can carry 10 people, an elaborate pet and mount capture system, and a unique, humorous design.

Susan Revelt – Senior Producer

“The visuals in some of these new features, like the Serene City Night instance, Mt. Fairy, and the Netherworld, are perfectly dark and creepy!” – David Markowitz (Associate Producer)

For those who where unable to obtain a key back in July for the closed beta, mark your calendar and grab the open beta version at on Wednesday, October 13th.

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