Know What Rock Band DLC Songs To Buy: Anthrax

Metal Thrashing Mad and Madhouse are two of Antrhax’s greatest songs, both were added to the Rock Band library this week and they are both live versions. Live versions can be iffy, varying from great, to sounding like they were recorded with a hand-held recorder. This article will describe the quality of the audio for both tracks, as well as go over the note charts for each instrument.

Metal Thrashing Mad:

Guitar: Metal Thrashing Mad is the harder guitar part between these two Anthrax songs, offering a challenging guitar solo that can easily be failed on expert. Through most of the song you will find yourself quickly strumming the red button and then there are some blue buttons that are added to the red, every so often. If you want to play a good song that is also challenging on guitar this song is recommended.

Bass: Drums: On expert Metal Thrashing Mad has a note chart that seems almost impossible to beat during the beginning unless you are a professional drummer. One of the reasons for this is the streak of red notes that you have to play which are incredibly close together. After failing on expert I went to hard where things seemed to take a large gap, it felt almost like playing an entirely different song compared to the note chart before. After beating the part I couldn’t get past before I found that most of the song consists of a combination of read and yellow, and the bass pedal is mostly hit between notes. Overall the drums on hard were pretty easy while expert was a different story.

Vocals: I did not have much difficulty while singing this song on expert. Normally I can sing expert/hard. There were times where I almost failed but luckily regained my rock meter. There are several parts that are only talking parts which break up the singing and give you a better chance to beat the song, allowing you to possibly go up one difficulty higher than you are use to. Parts to the song are very high pitched and very fun to sing, these parts can also be challenging.

Audio: Metal Thrashing Mad offers very good audio for a live performance. If you were to hear the song without knowing it was live there is not much that would leave you thinking it was a live performance.


Guitar: Madhouse offers some difficulty but it is still easily passable. The note chart can get tricky in places but quickly goes back to simple strums. The guitar solo offers some quick scale notes (green to red to yellow to blue to orange and vice versa). The main part of the song uses scale notes and hammer-ons for blue and orange which can be a challenge to hit on expert.

Bass: The bass seems to have mostly typical bass parts. You find yourself strumming nothing but red or green at the same tempo for awhile but then the song mixes it up by having several scale notes that you have to strum every note for and several parts where you are required to double strum. I was only able to 3 star the song on my first play through which is below average for me on bass. This will probably give a challenge to many bass players.

Drums: As an expert/hard drummer I found the drums hard to play on expert failing less than a fifth of the way through, while playing expert I noticed the use of a lot of yellow and a lot of hitting the bass pedal before and after a drum hit. Hard was not much different just less notes.

Vocals: The song is more difficult than Metal Thrashing Mad. I played expert and failed halfway through. Madhouse has similar amounts of speaking parts as Metal Thrashing Mad but with singing parts that are harder to hit. These parts make the song a harder song to sing overall when compared to Metal Thrashing Mad. The song also has parts where you will find yourself not knowing the lyrics because the words have gone by too fast. Overall this song offers singers a good challenge to beat on expert.

Audio/Comparison: Since there is a cover version of Madhouse in Guitar Hero 2 I compared between the two. The live version seems to be missing parts included in Guitar Hero 2’s Madhouse, the screech of the guitar at the beginning is not in the live version and the solo is completely different. Rock Band’s Madhouse has a tougher guitar solo and overall track. In the live version the singer seems somewhat exhausted at parts because he begins to speak some lyrics that are normally sung and at parts he lets the audience sing the song, which can be annoying. The live version is also shorter and faster than the Guitar Hero 2 cover. Overall Guitar Hero has the better sounding song but probably not the better note chart.

Final Opinion: The better of the two songs seems to be Metal Thrashing Mad, with a better note chart for most instruments, a better live performance from Anthrax and the fact that it hasn’t been used in another game  gives makes me strongly recommend this to any fan of Anthrax.. If you are only a fan of Madhouse I would say that it is good enough to buy. If you are not a fan of Guitar Hero’s Madhouse you will probably be better off not getting either of these two songs.

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