DC Universe Online Delayed To 2011

There’s no shortage of superhero-themed MMORPGS. Champions Online and City Of Heroes have led the pack, but both had to create worlds to inhabit. Sony and DC Comics are trying something different with DC Universe Online, allowing your heroes to fight alongside stalwarts like Batman and Superman against traditional villains such as Deathstroke, the Joker, and the like. We were supposed to be playing it in November on both Windows and PlayStation 3. According to Newsarama, it’s been delayed to Q1 2011.

While the Beta will start next week, the game will no longer be arriving this year. You can apply for the beta online, or get in via preorders. Additionally, the comic book coinciding with the game will likely not arrive until 2011.

Still interested in DCUO? It was, and still is, one of the few MMOs I could see myself getting into. Hopefully, this delay will improve the game.

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  • ItsPirrip

    I think it has been delayed because they want to add the “move” feature and xbox 360 version of “move” tsk

  • DDSmitty

    NOOOOOOOO! But seriously, NOOOO!

    Now that I’ve got that out of my system, if it makes the game better, fine. Maybe they got a little scared about WoW Cataclysm launching a month later.