Donkey Kong Country Returns Screenshots

Excited when Nintendo revealed Donkey Kong Returns at this years E3?  Of course you were!  Well here are some screens showing DK and Diddy in action.

Of course a screenshot only tells part of the story and until we get our hands on the game we won’t know for sure if it a triumphant return or a pale imitation.  It is however something you could nearly stake your mortgage on, Nintendo excel at their first party games and as one of their AAA titles you just know the game will be released with the maximum amount of polish possible.

Let us know if you are looking forward to this release. Here at Platform Nation we are especially interested to hear from our younger readers who have probably never played the original game.  Does Donkey Kong Country Returns even register as a blip on your gaming radar?

Source: Game Press (pictures)

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  • Dave Randall

    I played the originals inside and out when I was younger. I am BEYOND excited for this game. I’m literally picking up a Wii this week just for this game. However, I think Retro made some key mistakes in bringing this game together but it’s hard to complain because it looks like they got so much more right. I will admit that taking out the Kremlings was completely stupid. I really REALLY hope they are behind this whole Tiki thing. That’s like saying a Mario game will work just find without Bowswer. King K. Rool is Donkey Kong’s Bowser to all of us who have played the original games. Plus I’m very worried about what the hub world is going to look like in this game. I really hope each world has its individual themes and environments like the original trilogy. Oh well, enough complaining on my end, I’m too excited for that good old-fashioned gameplay to return this holiday season.