Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Demo Coming Soon

You could be forgiven for not picking up on the fact that a Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (NFS:HP) demo will be released at the end of October.  The announcement is made right at the end as it flashes up, proclaiming that October 26th is the date that we will all be able to test drive the latest NFS game.

This time around, the game returns to what was arguably it’s best version in recent years, Hot Pursuit.  You will be able to play through full careers on both sides of the law, as a racer and a cop.

Criterion Games are developing this years NFS game and will bring their experience of the Burnout series to the table.  Will a return to the Hot Pursuit setting and influence from Burnout be enough to breathe life back into the Need For Speed series.  Leave a comment to let your fellow Platform Nation readers know.

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