Sound & Music “Making Of” Video For Enslaved

If you live in America you will be able to walk into a store tomorrow (5th October)  and pick up Enslaved.  For those gamers in Europe and the rest of the world, you will just have to wait a bit longer, 3 days to be precise (8th October).  To help make that time pass a bit quicker, we can bring you the latest ‘Making Of’ video.  This time around, it concentrates on the sounds and music for Enslaved.

Here is what the official press release has to say about the video:

The video includes some footage with Nitin Sawhney, the game’s composer, as we talk about the soundtrack to Enslaved during its recording session in Prague.  We also meet with Tom Colvin, the audio lead from Ninja Theory, who talks about the audio, sound effects, and why both play a key role in the game.

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